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What kind of PPE does an electrician need?

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Electricians work in a range of environments and can be exposed to various dangers on a daily basis.

Let’s first establish what electricians do, what hazards they may face and the kind of PPE they require to protect themselves against industry hazards.

 What does an electrician do?

The main role of an electrician is to install, maintain and repair electric systems. They are highly trained and used to working with wires and mains electricity. They may work in both domestic and commercial buildings.

An electrician will find themselves having to abide by building regulations, reading plans for buildings and understanding projects, as well as working with a range of clients. They should also know how to clean, maintain and use various electrical equipment.

An electrician is likely to need to provide project cost estimates and more experienced electricians may find themselves training apprentices in electrical work.

What are examples of electrical hazards?

Electrical hazards are common and it is important to take care when carrying out any electrical work.

Some dangers facing electricians include:

  • Risk of electric shock or electrical burns (electric shocks can be fatal)
  • Extreme temperature and fires
  • Risks associated with dangerous materials- like lead and solder
  • Risks due to working at height
  • Risk of eye injury due to flying particles
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Potential exposure to asbestos
  • Risk of injury when working with tools
  • Injury through bending, lifting or spending periods of time in an awkward position

What are the most common electrical hazards?

The most common electrical hazards must be electric shock and electrical burns. However, here are a few hazards to avoid when it comes to electricity. Here are some electrical safety tips:

  • Make sure wiring is good quality and up-to-date. Old wiring is an accident waiting to happen!
  • If anything electrical gets water on it, turn it off at the power source before touching it.
  • Use the light bulbs with the correct wattage
  • Make sure electrical outlets are protected
  • Use extension leads correctly
  • Don’t try to use any appliances that aren’t safe




How can electricians protect themselves?

Of course, where non professionals don’t know what to do with a certain appliance, an electrician must step in and may, of course face a certain amount of danger.

A few effective ways of protecting themselves against coming in harm’s way are:

  1. Keeping equipment in good working condition
  2. Taking frequent breaks and being mindful of working in awkward positions
  3. Using Personal Protective Equipment


PPE for Electricians

There is a range of PPE for electricians that can help keep them safe. These pieces of equipment are as follows:

  • Head and face protection

Head and face protection can prevent harmful damage to electricians.It can protect from eye damage, falling objects and more. It is important that head and face protection is comfortable and still allows the electrician to clearly see what they’re working on.  

  • Electricians gloves

Electricians gloves prevent damage to the hands. They are insulating to heat and electricity during electricity work.

Electricians often wear protective leather gloves over rubber insulating gloves to offer maximum protection.

  • Eye protection

Eye protection is important in various industries, and that includes working with electricity.

  • Safety footwear

Safety footwear is important for electricians, particularly when working on a commercial or building site.

  • Arc flash PPE

An arc flash is a type of electrical explosion and is caused by an arc fault. It unleashes a HUGE amount of electricity that can be fatal. Arc flash PPE can therefore be life-saving.

  • Electric safety gear

When working with electricity, particularly when the levels are high, it is essential that electricians are well- protected. We have Electric safety gear at Essential Safety Wear.

PPE for Electricians from Essential Safety Wear

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