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What happens when you wear unsuitable PPE?

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Here at Essential Safety Wear, we want to make sure everyone is wearing suitable PPE in 2018. That’s why we stock a varied stock of safety wear and PPE, and also provide in depth advice about the specifications the items reach. We also provide lots of useful information about PPE in our health and safety blog.


As an employee, an employer should provide you with any essential PPE you require to fulfil your role, or at least point you in the direction of purchasing your own PPE.


If you are an employer, you can browse the HSE website to find out how you can decide on the right PPE for your business and your staff.


What to consider when putting on your PPE


Once you have ownership of the correct PPE for your role, it is essential that you wear the PPE correctly. After all, the right type of PPE that does not fit correctly will not fulfil its duty adequately. For example, a helmet that is too big may not offer you the full potential of head protection.


Does your PPE item offer an adequate level of protection?


You’ll need to do your research or find out from your employer the level of protection you need.


There are various standards for different types of protection and the different resistances.


You can find information about the health and safety standards on our website and see what level each product reaches within the item description.










Are you wearing the item of clothing correctly?

It sounds extremely obvious, however, there are numerous occasions where employees do not wear their PPE correctly and, as a result, become injured or harm at work.


Some PPE, like harness, will need basic training to ensure you are aware of how to use it. However, much PPE and how it is worn is down to common sense.


For example, there is no point in wearing a high-visibility shirt and covering it up with a dark jumper or coat. Likewise, you’ll need to choose the type of thermal clothing you wear based on the weather on a particularly day. Perhaps you only need a thermal vest, rather than three thermal layers.

high visibility









Never let yourself off wearing your PPE


Saying to yourself “I’ll just take it off while I complete this task” or “I’ll be alright for one day” is a mistake!


Accidents can happen at anytime and you should always make sure you are prepared! What’s more, leaving items of PPE lying around can cause a hazard in the workplace and lead to unnecessary trips and falls.


Here at Essential Safety Wear, we aim to choose the most comfortable PPE for different industries to make sure our PPE is as effective as possible.


So, here’s to a safe 2018!



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