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What are the benefits of steel toe cap wellies?

  Essential Safety Wear   May 23, 2018   Blog   0 Comment

We sell work wellies here at Essential Safety Wear, perfect for use in various working industries, like the agricultural industry and also in outdoor environments that can present hazards to workers, perhaps if you are using heavy equipment or machinery.

Steep toe cap wellington boots may be the ideal answer if you are working in these types of environments, protecting your feet whilst offering an element of comfort.










What are the benefits steel toe wellington boots?

Here are just 5 of the benefits offered by steel capped wellington boots, no matter what industry you work in:

  1. Steel toe cap wellington boots offer standardised toe protection.

It is fairly straight forward when choosing your steel toe cap wellies to choose the type of protection most suited to your work industry and the particular job you do.

A couple of the standards to look out for are:

  • EN ISO20345:2011: S5. SRA compliancy
  • EN ISO 20345 compliancy

Please note: It is essential you check the compliancy required by your employer for your job before purchasing your safety shoes.

  1. Steel capped wellington boots are slip resistant.

In many industries where hazards are present, it is imperative that safety shoes are slip resistant.

Whether you are working with food substances, harsh chemicals, water or other liquids, slip resistant work wellies can help prevent slips in the workplace.

  1. Steel toe cap wellingtons are watertight.

The idea of wellingtons is, of course, the fact that they are waterproof.

Many people use regular wellington boots for walking in muddy areas and protecting their feet from the water. At work, wellingtons can be equally useful at offering protection from water and wet conditions.

After all, there is nothing worse than having damp, wet feet all day!

  1. Steel toe wellington boots are antistatic.

Steel toe capped wellies have anti-static qualities to reduce the risk of shock in the workplace. Many places of work will require employees to wear antistatic clothing to keep workers protected.

  1. Steel toe wellies are affordable work wellies that are both comfortable and protective.

Steel toe cap wellington boots offer ample foot protection at a fair price. At Essential Safety Wear, we sell only safety shoes and boots that offer great value for money and meet excellent quality standards.

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