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Railway PPE from Essential Safety Wear

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Rail workers coordinating cargo loading to transport train on the tracks. Railway employees in safety west and helmet talking about instructions.

Working on the railway can be a dangerous environment. Not only are you, of course, working directly with hazardous equipment, such as heavy tools and electrical equipment, there are also the external dangers associated with working at night and in bad weather.

In recent times, the trend in fatalities in injuries and fatalities on the railway is generally in decline, and, here at Essential Safety Wear, we like to think that health and safety precautions, such as health and safety knowledge and rail PPE, plays a part in this.

What’s more, modern technology thankfully means that trains can be re-directed away from people working on the railway, however, the risk of an accident occurring cannot altogether be ignored.

Here at Essential Safety Wear, we stock a wide selection of rail PPE to help ensure the safety of railway workers.

Our railway PPE includes high-visibility trousers and jackets, as well as safety boots, thermal workwear and more.

How can you be sure our rail PPE meets the required standards?

You can assess the compliancy of all our railway PPE by reading their description and viewing their performance in standard tests.
Some products, for example, meet various EN standards that can be applied to the requirements of your job, and you can decide if they meet the criteria required by the company you work for.

The Contrast High-Visibility Trouser, for example, is EN471 CLASS 2:2 classified. EN 471 is essentially the industry standard classification scale of high-visibility wear and Class 2 means that the trousers offer an intermediate protection level of hi-vis clothing. There are various rules about how large the reflective elements in such clothing should be, in order for a garment to gain this status.

A few examples of our railway PPE

Hi Vis Classic Softshell Jacket (£33.69)

The Hi Vis Classic Softshell Jacket is a stylish garment that is both water resistant and breathable. The outer fabric is fully certified to EN471 standard and the garment is suitable for wearing in cold temperatures.

Hi Vis Sweatshirt

The Hi Vis Sweatshirt is approved to EN471 Class 3:2 and the orange version of the jumper attains GO/RT 3279 rating. The sweatshirt additionally offers exceptional comfort and has a generous fit.

Hi Vis Two Tone Waterproof Trousers (£10.86)

Approved to EN471 Class 2:2 and EN343 Class 3:1 standards, the Hi Vis Two Tone Waterproof Trousers offer robust protection from the wind and rain, and have a stain-resistant, coated finish. Available in Yellow/Navy or Orange/Navy, the orange version of the trousers are approved to GO/RT 3279 standards.

More railway PPE from Essential Safety Wear

View our range of rail PPE to help ensure your safety when working in the rail industry.

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