The Importance of First Aid Boards

Workplace first aid kits are a must-have for every office or warehouse, as they enable employees to treat ailments and injuries that happen at work. From minor ailments to more serious injuries, first aid boards can help reduce the risk of infection or the severity of the injury.

In the workplace, it’s imperative that you and your employees attend a first aid class, so you know how to utilise all the supplies in a first aid kit. Knowledge about first aid is invaluable for both you as the employer and for your employees since you’ll be able to help workers who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency situation until help arrives.

We’re One of the Biggest First Aid Suppliers

First aid points in the workplace provide the largest quantity and assortment of first aid and medical supplies for most minor injuries, aches and pains. These hard-wearing, robust stations and cabinets are perfect for restaurants, manufacturing facilities and large offices.  Our first aid kit on board is incredibly versatile and can be secured to a wall easily and when removed from the boards, it leaves a ‘shadow’ informing of missing kit.

It’s also important that employees can quickly locate cleaning tools in the workplace, so they can clear an area in the case of a spill or accident to avoid trips and falls. We offer housekeeping boards which provide an effortless way to display cleaning equipment. In eye-catching blue, red, yellow or green, they’re easy to spot in environments such as the factory floor and help you colour code to avoid cross-contamination.

What Are First Aid Boards?

If there’s a medical emergency on site that requires first aid, you don’t want your employees to be running around trying to find a first aid kit. That’s why we supply high quality, brightly coloured first aid boards, which neatly display your kit.

Fitted to the wall, our bright green first aid packs display the words, ‘First Aid Station’ in clear, white lettering, meaning they can easily be seen from a distance. They have three hooks, one for the standard first aid kit, one for an eyewash station, and one for a burns kit, all of which are included in the one price. These first aid boards have enough supplies for 20 people. When a kit is removed, there’s a white shadow underneath each box, making it easy to spot if one has gone missing.

Why Invest in Workplace First Aid Equipment?

When it comes to accidents such as burns, chemical splashes, or cuts, every second counts, and not having prompt first aid can make an injury much worse. Our bright boards make it easy to spot where the kits are located in seconds and are finished with your company’s logo.

Essential Safety Wear stocks a wide range of workplace first aid kits and equipment, and our UK based warehouse always has plenty of stock, so we can dispatch quickly.

Our first aid boards include a range of items that help treat cuts, scrapes, injuries such as sprains, burns, and caters for an array of common ailments.

First aid stations are necessary for every workplace, no matter how many people work there. Injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. When you have a first aid kit within easy access of wherever you are, you’ll guarantee the safety of everyone in the workplace. You can’t always keep your employees from getting hurt but you can protect them when they get injured with a first aid kit.

Beyond the First Aid Packs…

As well as supplying workplace first aid kits, Essential Safety Wear is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplier and safety clothing and equipment specialist, who’ve been providing protective equipment for over 10 years. Whether you need high visibility clothing for railway work or head protection if you’re a construction worker, we offer fantastic prices and fast delivery. We stock most major brands including CAT (Caterpillar), Dr Martens, JCB, Timberland, CAPPS, Click, Composite Lite, Delta Plus, Dunlop, Himalayan, Security Line and Steelite.

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