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Non Safety Wellingtons from Essential Safety Wear

If you require wellington boots or shoes without extra safety protection, then Essential Safety Wear has a range of standard wellies that are affordable and comfortable. Great for light outdoor work, or for use in food production or other indoor environments, our non-safety wellingtons are hard wearing and available in a range of colours.

If you’re looking for a pair of non safety shoes, then wellies are a smart choice – they make a great addition to any wardrobe! Wellingtons were first introduced as a modified Hessian boot in 1817 and were originally made of leather, fitted to the leg just below the knee. As time has gone on, the manufacturing process has transitioned and today, many are crafted from rubber, with some featuring a shorter boot top. Non safety wellingtons or “wellies” as they’re often called, are an absolute must – not only are they fashionable, they’re also incredibly functional, too.


Wellington Boots History

Non safety wellingtons are made from hard-wearing rubber or synthetic materials and are designed to keep feet snug and dry when the weather turns wet or cold. Many wellies are knee-length, however, many moons ago they started out as leather cropped around the leg without tassels or embellishments.

Once rubber was manufactured and French shoemakers distributed and created the wellington boot, the footwear became all the rage with famers in France. Throughout World War I, more than one million boots were created for soldiers, with an equally high demand during World War II.

Types of Non Safety Wellies

Picking the perfect pair of wellingtons is easy. All you need to ascertain is what you want to wear the boots for. The weather will have a significant bearing on which type is best. For example, in wet weather, you don’t need wellies with fur lining like the Dunlop Purofort Rigair Full Safety Fur Lined Rigger/Wellington S5 C1, as your feet will stay dry in a pair of regular waterproof boots such as the Dunlop Green Wellington 380VP.

Those wanting to wear their boots in the winter months when the weather’s chilly will want to opt for a pair designed to keep the feet cosy and comfy, such as the Dunlop Purofort Rigair Full Safety Fur Lined Rigger/Wellington S5 C1. It’s also a good idea to complement your boots with a good pair of wellie socks if your boots don’t already come with a lining inside them.


We even stock non safety shoes in the form of our Dunlop Wellie Shoe, which are resistant to low concentration acids, bases, disinfectants and fertilisers.

When Are Non Safety Wellington Boots Worn?

We offer non-safety wellingtons from well-known brands such as Dunlop, so you’re assured of the highest quality products. Our standard non-safety wellingtons are available in white, ideal for certain factory environments, green, or black, and are ideal for tackling any job where features such as steel toecaps are unnecessary. If you’re doing lots of heavy lifting, or handling sharp objects, then you might prefer to choose from our safety wellingtons range.

Our wellie shoes are a comfortable alternative to wearing full wellington boots, and are ideal for production environments where everything needs to be kept extremely clean. They’re resistant to oils, fats, and certain chemicals, and are easily slipped off and on. In warmer environments, they can be easier to wear for long periods than standard wellington boots.

Essential Safety Wear stocks non-safety wellington boots in sizes from 3-13, and because products are dispatched from our UK warehouse, delivery is fast.

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