Safety Trainers

Essential Safety Wear stocks a wide range of high quality, cheap safety trainers including timberland, caterpillar, dr martens and samson lightweight safety trainers. This type of trainer is suitable for all general and working environments from hospitals, schools and offices through to warehouses, restaurants, industrial areas and building sites. Our products are hard wearing and are durable thanks to their design and composite materials. We stock men’s safety trainers and women’s safety trainers in all sizes and colour’s and also stock heat resistant footwear.

For many years traders, labourers, site workers, warehouse workers and other industry workers who required safety footwear had to make do with large, heavy footwear, often unappealing, uncomfortable and fairly expensive. Over time trainer and footwear manufacturers have made their safety trainers lighter, stronger and more rugged whilst reducing weight, improving design and reducing cost. Our range of safety trainers are perfect for all types of industrial occupation as well as day to day use be it a stroll in your local park or for long walks.

Our safety trainers have achieved industry standard safety ratings (S1P and SBP) as well as EN ISO compliance. Our trainers feature 200j impact resistant steel toecaps, and some feature SRA slip resistance as well as superb heat resistance of up to 300 degrees. Some of our safety trainers also feature penetration resistant soles and some feature anti static properties. We also offer S1P safety trainers which offer fantastic foot protection as well as electrical resistance and fantastic energy absorption properties.

Safety Trainers & Safety Shoe Range

The range below includes footwear that combines excellent safety features combined with comfort and fantastic ergonomics to provide ankle support and internal foam padding. You’ll also find a style and design to suit your taste. Our trainers and safety shoes are suitable for environments with strict health and safety regulations, many environments require slip resistant footwear and some require heat resistant properties. Browse our range below, our prices are highly competitive, we offer quick ordering and fast delivery on all our trainers and safety footwear.

Some of our most popular searches include safety trainers lightweight, safety trainers for men, safety trainers for women, CAT safety trainers and more.

All of our safety trainers are available VAT free and with free delivery on orders over £250.

Safety Trainer Features & Specifications

We offer both EN20345 S1 and EN20345 S2 compliant footwear types. Our range also includes penetration resistant midsoles, 300C contact resistance, SRA & SRC (slip resistant class A and Class C), Electrical Static Discharge Options, Water & Oil Resistance, Breathable Mesh, Scuff Caps and more.


Footwear materials include leather, suede, mesh, canvas and microfibre.


Whether you are looking for lightweight safety trainers, safety trainers for men or women, or, looking for branded trainers by CAT, Puma or Dr Martens, we can help. Why not take a look at our safety riggers, safety boots or branded footwear including Caterpillar Boots, JCB Boots, Dr Martens Boots or Timberland.

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