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Dr Martens offers a premium range of men’s safety boots and shoes perfect for a wide range of environments. Our range of Doc Marten shoes includes safety shoes that can be used indoors and outdoors. We offer a choice of black Dr Martens men’s safety shoes. But they’re equally ideal for women and are available in a raft of sizes.

Dr Martens as a brand has always stood out. Not many other shoe brands have been personalised, changed or flashed up like DM shoes. As a nation who have infinite access to the internet, downloads and email, the brand is as popular and lively as ever.

Doc Martens shoes and boots are the classic choice of footwear for the fashion-conscious whilst being ideal for those wanting safety shoes for the workplace.


Dr Martens History: Where Did It All Begin?

Let’s face it, Dr Martens footwear has made quite an impact on British culture. Boots and shoes have become a key part of British brands. But the original doctor actually came from Germany, not the UK. That said, it was in the UK that DM shoes transformed from a bog-standard work boot into an iconic fashion piece.

So, who was the brains behind the signature air-cushioned sole? None other than a guy named Dr Klaus Maertens, a German soldier who hurt his foot in a skiing accident. Upset at having to wear the regular WWII army boot, he made it his mission to find a foot-based comfort.

In 1959, Maertens created his own shoe and sold the patent on to a British shoe maker (the Griggs company). A year later, on the 1st of April, Doctor Martens shoes hit the high-street, now sporting typical yellow stitching and a trademark “AirWair” tag.

What Types of Doc Martens Shoes Are There?

Whilst we don’t stock the popular Chelsea boot, we offer plenty of other men’s and ladies’ footwear/safety footwear in a variety of footwear colours. Most of this particular range comes in black although some may offer colour options.

Want the next thing up from the shoes? We stock a range of Dr Martens safety boots, like Holkham Boots. These offer additional features including ankle support and steel toe caps. You’ll also find a range of EN ISO compliant Dr Martens black shoes with impact resistant steel toecaps and air-cushioned sole footwear with SRA Slip resistance. Some of the safety shoe range includes oil resistant/heat resistant options for added safety measures.

Looking for Dr Martens women’s shoes? Check out the Linnet Safety Shoe which provides lightweight, non-metallic protection with full grain leather uppers. They also have composite toe-cap for complete protection. It’s a truly comfy, reliable, metal-free utility shoe.

Dr Martens Safety Shoes Sale

Looking for a Dr Marten shoe sale? Sometimes, we offer a wide range of discounts on Doc Marten footwear, including their range of shoes. Check out our on-sale pages to see what’s on offer. We regularly offer a Dr Martens shoes clearance with discounts of up to 50% and free delivery on orders over £250.

You can buy cheap Dr Martens shoes from as little as £60. This makes us one of the most competitively priced stockists in the UK.  Despite the low price, the quality of this line of Dr Martens footwear is excellent with a long life, even in tough environments.

Doc Martens Shoes Sizes

We stock the usual adult footwear sizes ranging from size 6 through to size 13 but offer some footwear in extra small/extra-large. Can’t find the shoe size you’re looking for? Please give us a call, as we often have stock for larger and smaller sized feet.

Ordering & Delivery

We ship within 1-3 working days of your order. If you require a priority order, please contact us after placing your order. We offer free delivery on orders over £250. Read our delivery information if you have any other queries.

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