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The Importance of Wearing Safety Gloves

Whatever industry you’re in, there are normally several associated safety risks involved – risks that you may, at first glance, think aren’t all that obvious.

Many people work in incredibly cold environments – in fact, most folks wouldn’t even dream of setting foot in these types of environments, let alone get dressed and endure the harsh weather conditions.

Other workers’ jobs involve the daily risk of cuts, chemical burns or contact with biohazards. Whatever line of work you’re in, hand gloves are perfect for industrial use – so be sure you’re kitted out with the very best so you can get the job done safely and professionally.

Wholesale Work Gloves Online

If you’d like to buy work gloves in bulk, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of styles, including Red PVC Gauntlet gloves – available in 27cm, 35cm or 45cm –  which feature soft, comfortable cotton interlock lining as well as a coating of smooth abrasion resistance.

Other working gloves include PU dipped safety work gloves, an excellent choice of material, thanks to being extremely tough – offering ample movement so you don’t lose dexterity.

Thermal safety work gloves are essential for workers in freezing conditions, whether indoors or outdoors, and if you have employees working in refrigerated areas – in which case, you may be legally obligated to offer protective clothing – including gloves.

Work Glove Safety Tips

When you choose protective gloves, base your selection on the work, the wearer and the environment they work in.

Consider the following five factors:

  • Identify the substances handled
  • Distinguish all other hazards
  • Take into account the type and duration of contact
  • Consider the user – size and comfort
  • Consider the task

Why Do I Need Heavy Duty Construction Gloves?

Often the most crucial (yet sometimes overlooked!) tools you can have with you at your work station are safety work gloves for the job in question. Typically, the best waterproof work gloves are designed with certain hazards in mind whilst others are better suited to particular industries and applications.


As such, it’s important to wear the correct type of construction gloves to prevent short and long-term workplace injuries, such as punctures, abrasion hazards, cuts, burns, to name just a few.

Wearing the right PPE (personal protective equipment), you’ll be just as protected at the end of the day as you were when you first started it.

Dangerous Hazards Safety Gloves Can Protect You from

Here’s a crash course on just some of the treacherous perils that safety gloves can protect you from:

Chemicals and biohazards

When you’re handling chemicals, there’s always the risk of a chemical burn or other injury. And with biohazards, you only need touch it once to start a chain reaction where infections spread like there’s no tomorrow. Chemical and biohazard-resistant gloves cover your hands in a complete barrier, whilst the sleeves protect most of your arms.

Cuts, punctures and abrasion hazards

Most workplace environments mean there’s the risk of cuts, abrasion hazards and punctures. Whether you’re a doctor, oil field worker, nurse, glass handler or mobile phone tower rigger, you’ll need reliable protection against these types of work place hazards. We offer a whole gamut of work gloves, from the thinnest, disposable gloves to more sturdy, cut-resistant construction gloves.

Impact injuries

Using heavy equipment, working in a garage or swinging a hammer on site are just a few circumstances that mean your hands are in danger of impact injuries. Basically, any job that puts your hands at risk of being crushed by tools, equipment or supplies warrants the need for dependable, impact-resistant work gloves. Rather than allowing the force to bear down on one part of your hand or on individual fingers, safety gloves lessen the impact and stop injuries by absorbing and spreading the rest of it away from your hands.

Heat and arc hazards

If you work in oil fields, with petrochemical plants, in welding or glass manufacturing, heat and arc present significant risks. Thanks to creating a barrier that blocks the hazard penetrating the hands, work gloves will safeguard workers’ hands – and save unwanted scalds and burns.

Severe weather and extreme temperatures.

Whether you work around refrigeration, near freezers or the cold weather has come around in full force, you’ll need a thermal barrier to keep body heat in and counteract severe cold weather conditions. Extremely freezing weather can trigger temporary or permanent harm to the skin and muscle tissue, and the colder it is, the more protection you need. Even worse is if it’s damp – that raises even more alarm bells! We stock gloves made of materials to provide ample warmth – in even the coldest of weathers.


Persistent Vibrations

Whilst both hammers and power drills expose hands to vibration, the damaging effects are nothing compared to those of jackhammers, chainsaws and other tools and heavy pieces of equipment which are handled by workers for many, many hours at a time. Continual vibration can aggravate nerves and nerve endings, injure blood vessels, not to mention cause longstanding joint and muscle pain, not least neuropathy (permanent nerve damage). Wearing construction work gloves helps soak up and reduce vibrations, keeping damage to a minimum.

We have many different types of safety gloves online, including riggernitrile dippedwelding gauntlets, PVC & PU dippedgrip and disposable. What’s more, we have a whole section dedicated to safety workwear, where you’ll find everything from polo and T-shirts to high visibility clothing and flame retardant clothing.


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