Dunlop Wellington Boots

Dunlop Wellington Boots

Traipse through the mud without getting your trousers or feet mucky. Our durable Dunlop wellington boots are priced competitively and provide a great grip on wet and slippery ground.

Our Dunlop range also includes wellie shoes which are non-safety products. Our wellington boots start from just £8.99 and are perfect for almost any applications and work environments.

Dunlop are perhaps best known for their tyres, which are made of the highest quality rubber, and they put the same care into manufacturing their boots. That’s why Essential Safety Wear stocks a wide range of wellies, including safety, and non-safety options, and lots of different sizes.


Why Buy Dunlop Wellies?

At one time or another, we’ve all owned a pair of wellington boots to keep our feet dry and warm when it’s wet outside. Wellies aren’t just for wetter weather, they’re also useful for dog owners who are out walking, especially when the paths are still muddy and soggy a few days after there’s been a downpour.

Wellingtons really are the ultimate way to keep feet dry. Because they cover the foot, ankle and calf, users can tuck their trouser legs into their wellies, to avoid them getting too close to the floor and being caked in mud or drenched in water. Crafted from hardy, moulded plastic, with some safety types featuring steel toecaps, not only are they useful for strolling through the countryside and splashing through puddles, our safety wellies are also wonderful for a variety of heavy-duty environments, such as industrial and agricultural.

What’s more, Dunlop wellington boots are ideal for when the ground starts thawing, leaving mud everywhere. Unlike trainers or shoes that would only let water in, boots will safeguard your feet from the wet, without getting them full of mud or water. It won’t matter if you accidentally put your foot in a puddle!

Our wellingtons sport decent, thick soles along with a good grip – perfect for wintry, slippy, wet weather, with most featuring a quality lining in the foot area. This means they’ll keep the foot warm and when paired with thermal socks, you’ll be covered for the chillier weather.

What Are Dunlop Wellington Safety Boots?

If you’re looking for Dunlop wellingtons with extra protection for your feet, then our safety wellies offer comfort and protection. They’re 100% waterproof, and have solvent and oil resistant soles which are ideal for factory environments. They also offer all the features you’d usually get with a safety boot, such as a steel toecap and penetration resistant midsole, making them ideal for all sorts of tough work environments.

What About Non-Safety Wellies?

In our non-safety range, we have a wide choice of Dunlop wellies, whether you want some basic, affordable wellies, or need specific features. For example, our white wellingtons are ideal for use in any environments where you’ll be using disinfectants or mild acids, as they offer excellent protection from certain chemicals. Dunlop wellies come in a wide choice of colours to help you avoid cross contamination as you move between areas, and we even stock wellingtons specifically designed for food processing environments.


Need More Protection?

If you’re carrying out tough, outdoor tasks, then you might want to consider Dunlop’s range of rigger boots, which offer cold insulation to -20 degrees centigrade, and are available both unlined or fur-lined.

For extra protection on wet days, you may also want to wear some Dunlop PVC chest waders, which protect your clothes, and help you stay dry and protected during the messiest of tasks. As well as being waterproof, they’re also resistant to certain oils, fats, and chemicals, and are often worn in factory environments.

Essential Safety Wear stocks an enormous range of Dunlop products, and always have plenty of sizes available to dispatch. Simply place your order online today, and we’ll deliver to the address of your choice.

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