Rigger Safety Work Gloves

Rigger Safety Work Gloves

Browse our range of rigger safety gloves. These items of safety clothing can be used in an array of different working conditions such as gardening, construction, agriculture and manual handling to name but a few.

Benefits of Rigger Gloves

One of the key advantages of rigger gloves is their versatility making them great for cable pulling and rigging as well as warehouse work and home construction, thanks to the protection they give and their durable nature.

A220 Premium Chrome Rigger Glove

What’s more, the cushioning on the palm of the gloves makes handling heavier products and carrying bulkier items much less problematic, as there’s less chance of the edge of a box or handle digging into your hands.

Wearers’ hands are protected, thanks to the thick material used, whatever task they’re carrying out. Thus, workers can perform their job using just one pair of protective gloves instead of carrying a multitude of pairs to be used during the day.

Types of Rigger Safety Work Gloves

Our range includes the traditional Canadian with patch palm and vein protection and the Double Palm, which features reinforced protection to palm and forefinger areas.

We also have the unusual Hi Vis rigger glove available in yellow or orange for added visual protection namely used by roadside and utilities employees. All our safety glove products are of a high standard and are competitively priced. Extra savings can be made by buying by the case.

Our safety gloves range doesn’t stop there; we also stock cut resistant, PU dipped, thermal, nitrile dipped and a whole range of other items.

What Are Rigger Safety Gloves?

A230 Double Palm Rigger Glove

Rigger gloves are often crafted with leather, together with other materials to help shield every area of the hand and one size usually fits all. The reinforced gloves are ideal for numerous handling and industrial applications, thanks to being incredibly resilient.

Rigger gloves are very popular within construction for example, where a lot of manual handling tasks arise, and protection is compulsory.

Why Buy Rigger Gloves?

If you’re a warehouse worker, work in packaging, transport or any light-duty handling applications, then rigger safety work gloves provide protection when you’re handling different objects and come complete with leather palms and fabric backs.

Who Uses Rigger Gloves?

While you may assume these gloves are predominantly for the rigging industry, they can, in fact, be used for an array of other tasks, such as:

  • Packing
  • Warehouse work
  • Construction
  • Gardening
  • Transport
  • Mechanics
  • Building maintenance
  • Boating and fishing

We have a vast selection of other safety gloves, including cut resistant, PU dipped, thermal, nitrile dipped as well as safety clothing, including flame retardant clothing, thermal workwear, safety workwear like polo shirts & t-shirts, shirts and blouses, and much more.

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