Disposable Safety Gloves

Browse our range of disposable safety gloves including latex, nitrile and vinyl. All our products are of a high standard and competitively priced. Extra savings can be made by buying by the case.

Disposable safety gloves are useful for all sorts of work environments where you need to avoid cross contamination. From medical to food preparation, Essential Safety Wear provide disposable gloves for all sorts of uses.

What Are Disposable Safety Gloves Used for?

Our blue or purple disposable nitrile gloves are popular for use in laboratories, engineering, and automotive environments. Their bright blue colour makes them ideal for food handling or processing, and helps you avoid cross contamination. We offer several sizes, ensuing a comfortable fit, and sell these gloves in cases, with 10 boxes of 100 pieces per case. This ensures you’re always stocked up with plenty of gloves for everyone.

Why Use Them?

Many professionals in a raft of different industries require disposable gloves to create a wall between their hands and potentially hazardous substances. For example, single-use gloves are used in the following industries:

Chemical industries – stops the wearer’s hands encountering dangerous chemicals when working in laboratories and similar environments.

Medicine – medical gloves, otherwise known as surgical gloves, stop cross-contamination and infection in addition to safeguarding the wearer from blood and bodily fluids.

Catering – stops food from being contaminated with bacteria from the user’s hands.

Police & Emergency Services – to make sure officers don’t contaminate evidence, and to safeguard them from substances like blood or chemicals.

Janitorial, Refuse & Waste – to ensure the wearer doesn’t touch any harmful substances which have been disposed of.

What Types of Disposable Gloves Do You Have Available?

If you have staff members with allergies, then we offer both vinyl and latex gloves, both of which are powder free. Available in bulk, these tough, disposable gloves are handy for all sorts of jobs, and are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. They offer high levels of sensitivity and make it easy to handle even delicate tasks in laboratories or while dealing with electrical components.

What Are Disposable Gloves Made from?

Our safety gloves are made from various materials, each of which has its own quality suited to a specific industry or job.

The three main materials include:

Latex – Latex gloves are notoriously hard-wearing, supple and cheap, a particularly popular material of choice when it comes to disposable gloves. However, it’s important to make sure, when buying latex gloves, that the wearer doesn’t suffer from a latex allergy.

Nitrile – we offer a range of cheap, latex free gloves, nitrile material being a firm favourite, known as one of the best materials for making disposable gloves. Our wholesale nitrile gloves provide all the advantages of latex but without the allergies, since the material was produced specially to eradicate the allergic effect of latex.

Vinyl – Non-latex disposable gloves come in the form of vinyl – which is a lot cheaper to make than both latex and nitrile. So, vinyl gloves are most frequently used to save costs on a single use replaceable. Usually, vinyl gloves offer a looser fit than other glove types and are, therefore, not recommended for nimble-fingered duties.

Did you know? The powder in powdered gloves absorbs perspiration which, in turn, makes gloves more comfortable when used for long periods; that said, some wearers can find it aggravates their skin.

Glove Regulations

You can buy in confidence, because our disposable gloves abide by the EN455 European Standard, which specifies the conditions gloves must meet so as to be seen as fit for use in a professional environment. These rules are intended at making sure that all disposable gloves offer the utmost safety for the circumstances in which they’ll be used.

Take a peek at our full range of disposable rubber gloves below, including power free latex gloves, nitrile exam gloves or vinyl plastic gloves – or take a look at our full range of safety gloves for a variety of purposes. Our range includes everything from rubber gloves to protective sleeves, so you can find exactly you need for the task at hand.

Glove Regulations Explained

  • BS EN 455-1 is the average for medical gloves for single use and stipulates the conditions and testing for freedom from holes.
  • BS EN 455 is the series of standards for medical gloves that consists of the following parts, under the general title medical gloves for single use:

Part 1: Requirements and testing for freedom from holes

Part 2: Requirements and testing for physical properties

Part 3: Requirements and testing for biological evaluation

Part 4: Requirements and testing for shelf life determination

This part of BS EN 455 states the necessities and gives the test method for medical gloves for single use to establish freedom from holes.

It comprises the constraints of the gloves. It also includes a report of the water tightness test for hole exposure, in addition to notes on sampling and inspection of lots and the test report.

Essential Safety Wear has a large, UK-based warehouse, and always have plenty of bulk disposable gloves in stock. We offer fast dispatch, and can deliver to your home or workplace, or can offer international shipping, just get in touch for a quote.

We also stock grip gloves, cut resistant gloves, PU dipped safety work gloves, thermal safety gloves, to name just a few. We also have a range of safety clothing available, such as thermal workwear, safety footwear, high visibility clothing, embroidery and embroidered workwear and more.

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