Safety Wellies And Steel Toe Cap Wellington Boots

Where Can I Buy Safety Wellington Boots in the UK?

Right here!

High quality steel toe cap wellington boots are just part of our range of top quality safety footwear. Perfect if your job involves lengthy periods in standing water or wet grass.

When Are Safety Wellingtons Needed?

Safety wellingtons are used in a range of heavy duty environments. For working outdoors or in wet conditions, in industrial or agricultural workplaces, you’ll need premium safety wellingtons.

Being experts in safety, Essential Safety Wear has chosen a range of hard wearing safety wellingtons as well as safety rigger boots.

Whether you’re seeking steel toe cap women’s wellies or waterproof wellington work boots, your feet will be dry and safe in our footwear.


Features of Thermal Safety Wellies

We stock safety wellingtons from top brands such as Dunlop and JCB, so you can be sure of the highest quality. Our safety wellingtons have features such as steel toe caps, a range of midsole options, including steel, and oil resistant soles to avoid slips.

Those who are working in particularly dirty environments, or in deeper water, such as farms may want to consider our full wader wellingtons which provide a greater barrier against potential hazards for both the workers and their clothes.

Our safety wellingtons come in a range of colours, useful to avoid cross contamination in food environments. Some of our safety wellingtons are quite specific, for example if you need cold insulating wellies, want your boots to have resistance to minerals or fats, or will be working with fuel oil or chemicals, then we have different wellingtons for each.

From blue to orange, to green wellington boots, you’ll be spoilt for choice

Wellington Boots Brands

Our Dunlop Purofort Thermo Wellies are the perfect boots for use in cold environments, thanks to their steel-tipped toe. These attractive thermal wellington boots are suitable for conditions down to -50°C and safeguards workers from cold temperatures. The heat-retaining sole ensures that workers stay comfortable, whilst the shock-absorbing technology and flexible upper sole offers freedom of movement.


In the winter months, these thermal safety wellies could be the best for construction and other heavy outdoor industries.

Our yellow wellington boots for ladies will keep you safe in style, thanks to their toe cap and midsole for the ultimate protection. They’re also resistant to minerals, animal and plant oils, fats, disinfectants, fertiliser, solvents and various other chemicals.

You can even go as far as adding your company logo to your pair of work boots with personalised safety wellingtons. By customising them, you’ll enhance your professional image both to your customers and employees.

What Are the Benefits of Steel Toe Wellingtons?

Workwear wellington boots have a whole host of benefits for people working in different settings. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clean appearance. You may work in a bakery, butchers or other food prep area in which case wellington safety boots are a great way to look professional and clean for health and safety reasons.
  • Easy to clean. Happily, safety wellies are simple to look after – you can easily wipe them clean and they withstand vigorous cleaning methods. They’re as simple to clean as regular wellington boots that you might wear when walking the dog.
  • Toe protection. The real plus of workwear wellingtons is the addition of toe protection, in the form of steel toe caps. Steel midsoles are also available, to safeguard boots from being spiked by bulky equipment or sharp blades and causing permanent damage.
  • Reinforced Shin And Heel. It’s not just the toe which may be at risk. In some industries extra reinforcing is required due to the dangers of the workplace.
  • Slip Resistant. What’s more, safety wellingtons provide slip protection from water, grease and oil and are deliberately designed for use around these materials in hard floor areas.
  • If your job involves intensive cleaning or you work in wet conditions, Dunlop wellington boots in the UK are a great choice, as they’re made to specifically keep your feet dry. You could complement your boots with safety clothing such as thermal workwear.

If you’re unsure of which safety wellingtons you might need, then simply call Essential Safety Wear and we’ll be happy to help you choose. We have a vast range of safety wellingtons in our UK based warehouse, with many sizes available ready for dispatch to UK and international addresses.

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