Steelite Safety Boots

Durable, Hard-Wearing Steelite Boots

Essential Safety Wear is proud stockists of Steelite safFW12 Blackety footwear; a range of high-quality safety boots and shoes with practical features. Whether you need strong safety boots or simple slip-on shoes, all of Steelite’s range has been made to the highest standards, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your order.

Injuries to the feet in the workplaces are incredibly common and come in numerous shapes and sizes. It’s for this reason that wearing the correct safety shoes and boots with steel toe caps is vital so as to safeguard your feet from accidents.

The correct safety footwear that fits appropriately can help prevent accidents and safeguard both employees and company owners alike. No one wants to be injured in the workplace, neither do they want to become permanently disabled. It’s for this reason that the right shoes and boots is paramount – make sure you follow the regulations and wear personal protective equipment when needed.

Why Buy Steelite Shoes?

Fashion meets function with our Steelite work boots and shoes. If you’re seeking a pair of high-quality, stylish safety boots, you really can’t go wrong with this sturdily-built footwear. Wearing such can offer protection to employees as well as compliance with safety regulations. If your job involves working with heavy machinery, or hazardous items and chemicals, you need to wear the right kind of work shoes for the job to prevent injuries in the workplace from occurring.

Steelite safety shoes and boots are designed to provide protection from slips, chemical spills and from electrical hazards. This is because our footwear features slip-resistant and oil-resistant soles, materials that can shield the foot from falling objects and steel toecaps to protect the toes.


If you’re carrying out tough jobs in cold conditions, then Steelite work boots will keep you safe and comfortable. With a strong leather upper, slip resistant sole, and steel toecap, they’re strong on the outside. However, inside you’ll find a soft fur lining, helping to insulate from the cold. Steelite boots use only the highest quality materials, and offer their safety riggers in both black and tan colours.

What Are the Features of Steelite Boots?

Our Steelite safety shoes are simple, but still offer a high level of protection. They’re smart enough to wear with a suit and are ideal for management and those who occasionally need to visit factories or warehouses. They have slip and oil resistant soles, shock absorbent heels, and steel toecaps, all inside a classic, black shoe, that’ll match all sorts of outfits. With sizes from 2-13, it’s easy to order for all your staff.

Order from Essential Safety Wear today and you’ll enjoy fast dispatch and excellent prices. From our UK based warehouse, we ship to any domestic or commercial address, and can even offer international shipping.

We offer numerous other brands, including Caterpillar, Doctor Martens, JCB, Timberland, CAPPS and much more besides.

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