Safety Rigger Boots

The Origin of Waterproof Rigger Boots

Did you know the term ‘rigger boots’ originates from the oil and exploration industry? The traditional look and feel of rigger boots was first donned by offshore oil rig workers and were originally known as rig boots, after the workers that first threw on this iconic safety footwear style. Over time, the name of this style of work boot transformed into the term rigger boots, hence its more accustomed name.

Why Buy Rigger Boots?

If you need hard-wearing work boots that can stand up to the toughest environments, then Essential Safety Wear has a range of sturdy waterproof safety riggers to protect your feet on the job. Safety riggers are comfortable, pull-on boots that are often used in workplaces where you need extra strength and stability from your footwear.

What Are Safety Rigger Boots Made from?

Our safety rigger boots are available in high quality leather, which is ideal for tough working environments, or in waterproof PVC materials for outdoor work. Many of our boots are fur lined, which makes them ideal for those who are working in cold environments, or workers who need extra comfort when standing for long periods.

What Brands Do We Have Available?

We have everything from Dunlop rigger boots and Doc Martens rigger boots to JCB rigger boots and Timberland rigger boots. The rigger boot is a traditional style of industrial safety boot and has been around for donkey’s years. There are many modern variations, and innovations in materials but the general style has remained the same. They have remained so popular because of their comfort and ease of use – no laces to mess around with and they’re easy the clean.

Special Features

All of our waterproof safety riggers are made to the highest standards of ISO 20345 which mean they have shock absorbent heels, toecaps that can withstand up to 200 joules of pressure, and slip resistant soles. Safety rigger boots are built to last, and ideal for industrial environments where extra protection is needed.

Essential Safety Wear is based in the UK and offers fast dispatch of all products to your home or office.

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