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Safety Footwear for Women

We’ve put together a fantastic assortment of ladies’ safety footwear which has been meticulously put together to deliver one of the best ranges you can find on the web today – at prices that won’t break the bank.

We have a glowing track-record of delivering stylish, original, low-priced women’s footwear that keeps going from strength to strength – and work with some of the most respectable manufacturers to allow us to give you the perfect style and design.

Why Wear Ladies Safety Footwear?

Generally, women have slimmer feet than men – of course, there are exceptions to the rule – therefore requiring footwear that accommodates the natural shape of a woman’s foot.

As well as increasing your comfort, wearing correctly-fitting footwear improves the wearer’s everyday health and well-being. It’ll also prevent the below problems that can arise when you don’t wear the right safety shoes:

  • Sores and blisters caused by rubbing due to footwear being too wide
  • Back pain. Footwear that fits properly promotes better posture
  • Foot fatigue/aching feet. If your profession requires you to work on your feet for much of the day, cutting down foot fatigue is a vital matter for the individual and employer. Reducing foot fatigue by wearing correctly-fitting safety footwear can boost productivity as well as the individual’s general well-being


Quality Ladies Footwear from Essential Safety Wear

Our ladies’ footwear range is comprehensive offering a mix of composite safety trainers, leather shoes, slip-on ladies’ safety shoes and more. Our women’s safety shoes and footwear is fashionable and suitable for offices, warehouse, factory work, hospital environments, for home use or for general all-round use. Our safety foot wear range for women starts from less than £30 and can be delivered quickly.

Essential Safety Wear offers a range of safety footwear specially designed for women. It can be difficult to find ladies safety footwear, with many styles only sold in men’s sizes, and so we’ve put together a collection of shoes that are specially fitted for women.

Types of Ladies’ Work Shoes

Our ladies’ safety footwear range offers the same high-quality protection as the men’s range, with many styles and brands available in women’s sizes. We stock sturdy Dr. Martens that are ideal for warehouse or industrial environments, with impact resistant toecaps and slip resistant soles.

If you’re often moving between the office and factory floor, then we offer lace up or slip on safety shoes that are smart enough to be worn with business attire. Made of high-quality materials such as leather, we stock women’s sizes from 3 – 9.

Those who are on their feet for prolonged periods might prefer our range of ladies’ safety trainers. You still enjoy a strong steel toecap and antistatic properties, but have increased comfort if you’re walking long distances all day. This range is especially popular with women who work in retail or warehouse environments.

Which Women’s Safety Boots and Shoes Are Right for My Occupation?

You really can’t put a price on choosing the right kind of safety footwear. Consider the below pointers when selecting the perfect pair:

  • Not one fits all. For example, you shouldn’t wear safety trainers around muddy and wet construction sites. Robust waterproof boots, wellingtons or safety riggers are much better for this type of work environment
  • Determine what dangers you come across during a working day. If there are sharp objects on the floor, then you’ll need women’s safety toe shoes with a protective midsole. It’s your call to make sure you’re wearing the right footwear. Make sure you ask your employer, as they should have performed the appropriate risk assessment
  • It’s not worth skimping on safety footwear – as, with most things, you get what you pay for. The higher the quality, the more you pay. Features such as higher-quality leather, improved waterproof membranes and midsoles all add to the overall cost of a pair. Not sure which style to go for? Give us a call – we’ll be more than happy to help you with your choice
  • All the safety shoes for women featured on our site clearly show what features each style or design has. Additionally, there are full descriptions with an ‘expand’ tool so you can look more closely at the product you’re interested in

Our range of women’s safety footwear can be dispatched quickly from our UK based warehouse, and sent to either your work or home address.

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