About Our Delta Plus Safety Boots

If you need long-lasting, hard-wearing safety footwear, then our Delta Plus boots are ideal for all sorts of heavy duty jobs. Compliant with the high standards of ISO 20345, these study rigger boots are ideal for tough jobs in cold conditions and feature leather exteriors and soft, fur interiors for extra comfort.

Founded in 1977, Delta Plus is one of the world’s top manufacturers of PPE. Their safety boots protect employees from serious injuries to the feet – in some cases, wearing suitable safety shoes can even save your life!

Why Wear Delta Plus Work Boots?

Not only will you be protected from accidents, safety footwear is comfortable and will help you maintain the right posture which is necessary to achieve the correct support to keep your legs, back, feet and neck strong – and well beyond lengthy hours of hardcore work. Keeping employees well and comfortable will increase productivity and cut down the need for sick leave.

Whether you’re a builder, engineer or railway worker, it’s vital you invest in safety footwear such as our Delta Plus safety boots which feature everything from slip-resistance to steel toe caps and more.


Should a serious accident or fatality occur in the workplace, you as the employer could see yourself facing a lawsuit if you don’t obey the industry regulations – which you definitely don’t want. Kitting workers out with the right personal protective equipment, safety clothing, and high visibility gear will save you a shed load of money and time which could otherwise be spent on costly lawsuits following a work-related incident.

These days, boot manufacturers are producing safety footwear for just about all types of professions, so the choice is huge. Getting the right heavy-duty, high-quality footwear which abides by the safety standards and regulations of your industry will be a wise move and no doubt prove to be a smart investment in the long run.

Safety shoes and boots will aid employees in staying safe, not to mention performing their jobs professionally, reducing the risk of injury, accidents and potential lawsuits being filed. As you can see, there’s a whole gamut of reasons why buying safety work boots such as those from Delta Plus is a sensible investment for your workers if you’re an employer.

What Are the Features of Delta Plus Work Boots?

Essential Safety Wear stocks Delta Plus safety boots that are full of features to keep you safe on the job. The steel toecaps resist up to 200 joules of impact, and there’s a shock absorbing heel, plus a sole that’s slip and oil resistant. These boots are made of the highest quality materials to ensure they last for years, and this includes a leather upper with PU over cap, which keeps the boots water resistant.


These Delta Plus boots are available in sizes 6-13, so you can ensure all your workforce have the right boots for the job. Essential Safety Wear always has a large stock of safety footwear, so we can dispatch quickly to your home or work address. Our Delta Plus boots are often ordered by those who work in tough industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors, and if you need superior support and protection, then order today.

High-Quality Footwear from Leading Brands

We have numerous other safety boot brands available, including Caterpillar, Dr Martens, JCB, Timberland, CAPPS, to name just a few. In addition to boots, we supply safety shoes, trainers, riggers, ladies’ footwear and much more – from all the best brands at prices that won’t break the bank.

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