Composite Lite Boots

Need some lightweight footwear to safeguard your feet at work? Our range of premium composite lite boots are EN ISO compliant, metal free and feature shock-absorbing heels, antistatic properties and much more. Take a look at our composite safety boots below – we’re sure you’ll find a pair perfect for the job.

What Are Composite Safety Shoes?

Our non-metallic footwear is a lot lighter than steel toe such as safety boots, which ultimately means less weight on your back. None of the composite boots in this section have steel toecaps. Instead, they use plastic, commonly known as composite toecaps.


This toecap is as sturdy as steel, and often it’s stronger and is still required to pass the same EU safety regulations as steel.

Unlike metallic boots which have a steel plate, composites have midsole protection made of fabric. All the boots in this section are metal free. This term isn’t a substitute for ‘composite’, although the two styles of footwear are incredibly alike. Both have composite toe caps and midsoles, but the metal-free version won’t use metal anywhere else in the structure.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Lite Boots?

There are a lot of advantages of wearing composite footwear. The main plus of metal-free safety boots is their feather-weight – they’re much less bulky than steel, meaning the total boot weight is significantly reduced. For you, that means increased comfort, especially if you wear your safety boots all day long.

Another benefit is that the non-metallic safety footwear provides you with improved thermal insulation – in fact, you wouldn’t even know you’re wearing a safety boot, more like a pair of trainers.

We have the finest quality composite safety shoes such as our Composite Water Resistant Dual D Safety Boot S3. Featuring a penetration resistant composite midsole, impact resistant composite toecap and shock absorber heel means that this type of footwear is extremely protective and flexible. What’s more, with an oil resistant outsole, dual density sole unit and slip resistant, anti-static material, it’s easy to see why these safety boots are one of the most dependable boots on the market.


Why Wear Composite Safety Boots?

Some footwear uses metal for the laces, zips, brand logos, and so on. But these types of safety shoes are totally free of metal. This is a real plus if you’re a professional who passes several times a day through metal detectors like security personnel, airport staff or nuclear power operators.

Metal free footwear is usually worn in areas where metal detection is used for security such as airports but is also essential in some industrial applications.

Our range of safety boots, trainers and shoes, has been specially manufactured to be lighter weight than standard safety footwear. Less weight means less fatigue and more energy, especially for wearers who are frequently walking or wearing their footwear for many hours.

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