Why Buy Caterpillar Boots?

CAT was established in 1991 and has since endeavoured to provide men’s, women’s and children’s footwear that stands out from the crowd, combining beautiful and ergonomic footwear design with robust materials to make the ultimate footwear. The iconic, highly durable caterpillar boots for both men and women aren’t just a workwear prerequisite, they’re an absolute must when it comes to work boots. From brown caterpillar boots and chic black, to the famous black and yellow CAT boots, we stock a fantastic assortment of footwear.

Men and Women’s Caterpillar Boots Built for the Job

Caterpillar safety boots, with their tough, reliable and heavy duty construction, are perfect for all kinds of work, thanks to being EN ISO 20345 compliant, with all our Caterpillar boots featuring a steel toe cap for maximum protection. These boots have reinforced toes to shield the feet from dangers such as heavy objects, and are important personal protective equipment (PPE) at many industrial and construction worksites.

Features of Caterpillar Men and Women’s Work Boots

With a reputation of being sturdy and resilient, this first-class range of safety footwear has been designed to protect and keep you safe. Especially built to provide the right quality and protection for the job, Essential Safety Wear’s exclusive variety of safety footwear is the result of wide-ranging research and development and offers a cost-effective option without compromising on safety when it comes to meeting rigorous legislative obligations. Here are some of the features of our Caterpillar safety boots:

  • EN ISO 20345 compliant
  • 200J Impact resistant toecap
  • Leather upper
  • SRA Slip resistance
  • Heat resistant sole 300 degrees

Buy Cheap Caterpillar Boots, Black Caterpillar Boots for Sale and Much More…

Well-known for their heavyweight designs and sturdiness, take a peek at the latest designs in Caterpillar boots – or CAT footwear as they’re also known. We stock Caterpillar boots, footwear, shoes and safety trainers. If you’re looking for cheap caterpillar boots in the UK, safety shoes or safety boots, then we can help. Please see our top-level footwear category for the full range of caterpillar footwear. Our most popular products include the Caterpillar Holton safety boots, the moor safety trainers and the oversee safety shoes. Caterpillar products are high quality, long lasting, durable and are suitable for pretty much any environment or task.

Cheap Caterpillar Boots UK

There are lots of various Caterpillar Boots that are popular amongst those in building industries, commercial industries and those who like rugged footwear. The most popular include Caterpillar Bridgeport Boots from £45, Caterpillar Stout Boots from £65, Caterpillar Holton Boots from £57, Thornberry Boots from £65, Restore Boots from £57, Supersede Boots from £57, Transcend Boots from £57, Founder Boots from £59, Abilene Shoes from £50, Knox Boots from £65, Colorado Boots from £57, Stickshift Boots from £65, Dime Boots from £45, Collateral Mid Boots from £45, Gleeson Boots from £70 and Sequoia Boots from £65.

Men’s & Women’s CAT Footwear

Caterpillar are well known for their robust, high quality footwear from their Shoes and Boots through to their Socks and Trainers. Our stock regularly changes, we supply ankle boots, boot socks, Chelsea boots, chukka boots and mid-calf boots.

The Best Brands and Prices

Our prices are the most competitive around! We frequently have a Caterpillar Boots Sale for both men’s and women’s boots. If you’re looking for rugged, dependable footwear that’ll last you for many years, even in the toughest conditions without a high price tag then look no further; we supply both cheap caterpillar boots to all, from single product sales through to bulk trade supplies.

If Caterpillar Footwear isn’t your thing, why not look at our range of Dr Martens Boots? Or plump for our durable JCB boots.

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