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Browse our range of CAPPS shoes and boots, including Capps heat-resistant safety trainers, safety boots, and shoes.

CAPPS is a well-known safety footwear brand that has been created to be affordable as well as sturdy. From safety trainers to classic safety shoes and boots, their designs are simple and economical, making them ideal for employers who need to kit out their entire team.

What Are the Features of CAPPS Safety Boots?

CAPPS offers a small selection of simple, low-cost safety footwear that still complies with the strict standards of ISO 20345. This includes lace up and Chelsea style boots in black, which have features such as 200 joules impact resistant toe caps, strong leather uppers, and thick, slip-resistant soles.

Within the range, you’ll also find simple, stylish safety shoes that are ideal for management or office workers who need to visit the factory floor. With the same high levels of safety features, these lace-up shoes can be worn with business clothing for a smart look.

Why Wear CAPPS Work Boots and Shoes?

Construction sites aren’t forgiving places and the numerous possible risks mean it’s vital for workers to wear right safety equipment.

If you want to guarantee healthy, secure feet then protective steel toe safety footwear is a must to prevent injuries that may arise in the workplace. Many workers don’t realise they should wear protective footwear, meaning the foot is exposed to injury. Nowadays, footwear – especially CAPPS safety boots – is comfortable, flexible and chic, providing all the protection you need from injury.


It’s common to see workers wearing high visibility clothing like hi-vis trousers and jackets as well as head protection, but often the feet are neglected and safety boots are missing. On a construction site, feet are particularly prone to serious injuries, such as from falling objects, careless use of vehicles and equipment, not to mention sharp items. Regularly, everyday boots just won’t cut it, so it’s imperative that workers invest in a decent pair of safety footwear, such as those from CAPPS.

In the worse case of an accident, the right boots or shoes can be the difference between a horrid shock and a life-changing impairment. Capps safety shoes offer protection from chemical spills, electrical hazards and feature steel toe caps for shielding the tops of the fee. What’s more, safety boots are equipped with impact protection in addition to anti-slip soles.

CAPPS Boots – Quality and Affordability for You

If you’re looking for cheap safety trainers for the whole team, then the CAPPS boots range is an affordable solution. Their strong, sturdy safety trainers are ideal for those working in warehouses or on the shop floor, and CAPPS also offers a heat resistant trainer made with a leather upper.

Our range of CAPPS safety shoes can be ordered via our website, or over the phone, and all orders are quickly dispatched from our UK based warehouse.

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