What Are Knee Protection Pads?

One of the most important parts of the body, knees support our body weight enabling us to move around. So we need to make sure they’re protected! Anyone who’s injured their knees knows how incredibly painful and uncomfortable it can be.

Luckily, knee safety pads can help where all injuries are concerned, safeguarding your knees in the case of a fall, blow or simply a twist in the wrong way. Knee protection in the workplace can minimise the damage to the knee in the event of an accident.


Why Buy Knee Protection?

By safeguarding your knees, you protect your ability to comfortably walk, run, jump and even sit down or stand back up. They’re specifically made to absorb a considerable amount of shock, lessening the impact your knees receive, therefore, the effects of injury are less severe. In fact, wearing knee protection pads reduces the likelihood of injury by more than half. It’s important to wear them if you know there’s a chance of you damaging your knees.

Who Wears Knee Safety Pads?

There are numerous fields and industries in which you can wear knee protection. As well as being used by athletes such as footballers, basketball players, skateboarders and snowboarders, this type of personal protective equipment is commonly worn by construction workers or employees who spend much of their time crawling around on their knees.

For instance, tilers who lay flooring use knee protection pads to prevent bruised knees but also to diminish the chance of arthritis developing which is typically caused by repetitive movements and activities over extended periods of time.

As well as being used in the workplace, knee pads can be worn when you’re cleaning the house, gardening or doing other jobs around the home to ensure your knees won’t suffer injury and will remain in tip-top condition for longer.

When Should I Wear Knee Protection Pads?

If employees are going to be kneeling for extended periods, especially in uncomfortable spaces, then proper knee protection is essential. Many people who work in physical jobs such as the trades will find they get sore knees from crawling into small spaces, and this can cause damage to the joint over time. By providing knee pads, your employees can work on their knees for longer periods, without suffering aches and pains.

What Types of Knee Pads Are Available?

Our basic CE knee pads cost just a few pounds, but could save employees from knee pain when they carry out plumbing, tiling, electrical, or gardening work. These basic pads are comfortable and light, yet make it easy to carry out under-counter or low-level jobs.


Essential Safety Wear also offers gel knee safety pads which are ideal for those who spend extended periods of time on their knees. With a thick layer of gel, they protect your knee joint and offer employees an extra level of comfort. While soft on the inside, they have a tough, long lasting PVC shell, and adjustable straps so they can fit all sizes. This also allows them to be worn over bulky work trousers or jeans.

Need More Personal Protective Equipment?

At Essential Safety Wear, we have a vast selection of PPE available in stock, ready to be dispatched from our UK warehouse, including harnesses, first aid, head protection, eye protection and ear protection. Order today, and we’ll ship to the address of your choice, so you can get the safety wear that you need.

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