We stock a range of First Ad equipment at Essential Safety Wear that is suitable for use in a range of industries.

It is extremely important, and a legal requirement, to have a first aid kit on site. We have HSE compliant first aid kits, as well as eye wash kits, burns first aid kits and more.

Ready Made First Aid Kits

Carrying out first aid quickly can often mean the difference between a minor injury and a major one, so it’s essential your workplace is well stocked with all the appropriate first aid equipment. Whether it’s a general first aid kit for a large or small office, or specialist products for industrial environments, we offer a wide range of high quality products.

At Essential Safety Wear, we know you don’t always have a lot of time to put a first aid kit together, which is why we offer pre-packed, HSE approved kits for workplaces from one to 50 people. Stocked with items such as plasters, eye pads, triangular bandages, safety pins, dressings, cleansing wipes, and disposable gloves, it’s ideal for dealing with minor injuries on the job, allowing your first aider to give basic treatments until the sufferer can see a medical professional.

Specialist First Aid

If you’re working in a potentially dangerous environment such as a factory, then you may also want to have an eye wash station and burns first aid kit on hand. Burns and eye injuries need to be dealt with as soon as possible, and any delay in first aid can make them worse. These specialist kits have all the items you need in an emergency in a clearly marked, colour coded box. We also offer large foam first aid boards so you can create a first aid station, and this ensures you can always find first aid equipment when you need it.

All our first aid kits can be ordered online, and will be dispatched quickly from our UK based warehouse, ensuring you always have the items you need in an emergency situation.

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