Why chance suffering the loss of precious eyesight when wearing safety glasses or protective goggles can keep your eyes safe for a lifetime of good vision?

PW30-Visitor-Safety-SpectacleBuy the best clear protective glasses on the market today. Our choice of clear glasses are an important part of any PPE setup. Many claim that these clear glasses are the best eye protection money can buy – because they provide safety, comfort and still give you incredibly clear vision.

We sell a range of safety spectacles, safety goggles and safety face shields here at Essential Safety Wear that are suitable for work in a range of industries.

Our safety spectacles and safety spectacle accessories range from £1 to £28 and, what’s more, you can select a pair of safety spectacles that suit your bespoke requirements for the job that you do.

Why Buy Safety Glasses?

PPE eye protection safeguards workers’ eyes and faces from the dangers they’re exposed to and is compulsory for some special employees.

As mentioned above, the main benefit of wearing eye protection at work is that the glasses defend your eyes from harm and keep your eyesight clear. Numerous eye injuries could be prevented by wearing safety glasses – by wearing none, you’re fully exposed to hazardous elements.

What Are the Possible Eye Hazards in the Workplace?

Workplace eye protection is needed when the following potential eye dangers are present:

  • Projectiles (dust, concrete, metal, wood and other particles)
  • Chemicals (splashes and fumes)
  • Radiation (especially visible light, ultraviolet radiation, heat or infrared radiation, and lasers)
  • Blood-borne pathogens (hepatitis or HIV) from blood and body fluids

Here are some of the situations in which you must wear eye protection:

  • Construction
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Maintenance

 About Work Eye Protection

Ultimately, safety spectacles can protect your eyes from flying objects, including dust and debris, as well as loose pieces of material that could potentially cause harm to your eyes, and even blindness in some cases.

welder-406381_1280Whether you work in a factory or warehouse, or as an engineer or construction worker, you’ll find a range of safety spectacles at Essential Safety Wear that will suit your particular requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a company looking to buy your safety spectacles in bulk for your staff’s PPE, or you’re looking as an individual for your own eye protection, we can help you here at Essential Safety Wear.

Difference Between Safety Goggles and Safety Glasses

When it comes to eye protection, sometimes it’s best to wear regular PPE safety glasses whilst other situations call for the use of safety goggles for complete eye safety.

So, how do you decide between safety spectacles and safety goggles? Below are the main differences between the two.

PPE Eye Spectacles. For the most part, wearing safety glasses will provide you with sufficient protection from hazardous, flying objects, thanks to the safety lenses, frames and side shields. Safety glasses safeguard your eyes from objects that could pierce, bruise or harm the eyes, and are tested to withstand high impacts.


PPE Safety Goggles. For complete eye protection from all elements, you can’t go wrong with PPE safety goggles. These types of protective eyewear feature small gaps around the top, sides and bottom – so they give the wearer a 360-degree coverage around the eyes. Some goggle types include a strap to help hold them securely against the face as well as ventilation holes to help with air flow.

In most cases, you won’t need to wear prescription safety goggles – most people wear their regular prescription glasses or prescription safety spectacles under their goggles for added protection. You’ll need to wear goggles if you’re grinding metal to prevent debris metal fragments ruining your safety spectacles. Glasses alone wouldn’t provide enough protection, as the metal fragments can stick, burn and pit the lenses meaning they’d whisp around your glasses into your eyes.

With the goggle’s 360-degree fit around the glasses, your eyes are totally protected.

Types of Workwear Eye Protection

Our range of safety spectacles vary in price and meet different safety classifications. You’ll find safety spectacles with additional features, like amber screens for low light level conditions, as well as different features with how the spectacles fit your face.

PW33-Classic-Safety-Eye-ScreenThe Classic Safety Eye Screen Spectacles, for example, are EN166 1F AS approved and feature adjustable arms, a moulded nose bridge and contoured brow-guard. They are available with a clear or amber screen.

We also have smoked lens options available. The Fossa Safety Spectacle, for example, is EN166 1F AS AF approved and have stylish rubber tip temples, and a mono lens, so that the spectacles fit a range of different face shapes.

In addition, take a look at our super lightweight safety spectacle option from Essential Safety Wear. The spectacles are not only EN166, EN170, EN172 2C-1.2 1F approved, they are also durable, with a sleek design.

We also sell the Spectacle Cord that is, ultimately, an elasticated cord that adjusts to your preferences, so you won’t lose your safety spectacles. What’s more, the cord breaks free in an emergency.

HSE Eye Protection

As per the terms of the 1992 Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, eye and face protection must be worn in dangerous areas and it’s mandatory that employers supply suitable eye protection to employees who could be exposed to risk.

Here at Essential Safety Wear, we can provide you with high-quality safety spectacles and safety spectacle accessories at great prices, so that you have no need to go without. What’s more, our safety spectacles are available for both individual and bulk purchases. Browse our range of safety spectacles below.

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