Are you wearing the right eye protection glasses when working on site or at home? Wondering where to buy high quality, cheap safety goggles with features such as anti-mist or anti-scratch lenses? Look no further. We have a brilliant array of protective glasses in a range of styles, available to purchase from the comfort of your home.

We understand your employees must be given the correct eye protection to carry out their work as safely as possible. That’s why we stock an extensive assortment of top-quality products, perfect whatever your budget or need.

Why Buy Protective Goggles?

What with the trade and industry sectors progressing quickly, there’s an increasing demand for innovative solutions that successfully combine functionality, safety, quality and design. If you’re asking yourself the question, “Where can I buy safety goggles?” – rest assured, you’re in the right place. We’ve developed and designed quality eye protection goggles that not only look great, they also protect the wearer, allowing for pristine vision, at all times.

We’re Always Monitoring Industry Innovations

Essential Safety Wear is continually observing the latest high-tech innovations in protective eyewear and work safety glasses and our product development teams are always on the ball to react.

This involves being inventive when it comes to materials – to enhance usability for increasing clarity, reducing fogging and cutting glare.

Additionally, we always monitor changes to industry protocols and European and world safety regulations.

When Do I Need to Wear Eye Goggles?

Safety goggles are, most definitely, an important feature of most personal protective equipment (PPE), no matter what industry you work in or job you do.

In industries such as factory work, construction and other manufacturing areas, for example, safety goggles can protect you from flying objects, such as dust, debris and other loose pieces of material, and in some cases, safety goggles can save your sight, as well as protect you from harmful eye injuries.

Safety Eyewear Highlights

Here at Essential Safety Wear, we sell a selection of safety goggles, ranging from the Challenger Goggle, which offers EN166 1F AS compliancy and an anti-mist coating, to the Gas Welding Goggles that offer EN175 1T and EN166 compliancy, as well as an anti-scratch coating and soft comfort frame.

As you can see, our PPE safety goggles are suitable for many environments involving welding, cutting, fabricating, industrial, warehouse, building sites and more. What’s more, we sell both goggles and face shields, so that you can find the best eye protection for your particular requirements.

Types of Safety Goggles for Sale

For example, the Direct Vent Goggle is EN166 1B AS, AF classified and restricts the influx of liquids and dust around the eye. Made of polycarbonate, and designed to be worn in a tough working environment, the Direct Vent Goggles provide protection from extreme impact (up to 268mph, in fact!).

You may also want to take a look at our Indirect Vent Goggle which is EN166 1B and EN170 AS classified, and also features a soft, flexible frame, as well as an adjustable head band to provide comfort and flexibility. The Indirect Vent Goggle also features 268mph impact resistance.

The Ultra Vista Faceshield is another safety goggle in our collection and is EN166 1 B 3 4 classified. The faceshield also boasts high-velocity impact resistance grades, even at extreme temperatures. Therefore, the Ultra Vista Faceshield is designed to increase the protection for the whole face, and is a great safety purchase, no matter what industry you work in.

Browse our range of health and safety compliant safety goggles and glasses below. All our safety goggles and glasses are dispatched within 24 hours of ordering. Can’t find the safety goggles you need? We’re here to help. Speak to an adviser now by calling 01462 675200 or drop us a line at: sales@essentialsafetywear.co.uk.

Don’t forget, here at Essential Safety Wear, we offer bulk purchase discounts. In order to enquire about bulk purchases, please call us. We also sell ear protection, respiratory masks, harnesses, head protection and knee protection – so we’ve got you covered.

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