Flame Retardant Clothing

Flame Retardant Clothing from Essential Safety Wear

Fires can be catastrophic, as much for the employees who are exposed to them as for the industries that suffer them. Our clothing uses a flame-resistant material that helps provide firefighters, industrial workers, police officers and military forces with defence from severe heat, flames and fires.


Don’t feel the scorch – stay safe with our high-quality fire resistant clothing. Rest assured, we have all you need to keep you and colleagues protected when working in dangerous situations.

In potentially high-risk environments, it’s crucial to wear the right fire safety clothing to reduce the severity of an injury. The correct layering of flame retardant workwear gives you maximum protection and will buy you extra seconds to react in hazardous circumstances.

Who Wears Flame Retardant Clothing in the UK?

Common applications for a flame retardant overall include welding and fabrication, highway agency workers & road maintenance workers, council workers, those who work with incinerating equipment, boiling equipment and more. So, if you’re looking for flame retardant trousers, coveralls, overalls, jackets, tops or t-shirts, then look no further.

Flame resistant attire is one of the most critical safety clothing items to invest in and are compulsory for numerous trades. Whether you’re a welder, roofer or oil worker, you’ll find the perfect piece of protective clothing you need to stay safe in the workplace.

Complement your fire-resistant attire with safety gloves such as cut resistant, PU dipped, rigger and more. Additionally, we supply durable, comfortable safety footwear from all the best brands, ideal for all general work and other environments, with items including safety shoes, trainers, riggers, boots as well as ladies’ footwear.


The Importance of Fire Safety Wear

Workplaces, where staff are required to work in areas of dangerous heat or with fire, can be unpleasant and harmful, but the risk of overheating and burns can be reduced considerably by kitting everyone out with heat and flame resistant clothing.

It’s vital to manage the risks involved in your working situation to ensure your workers are safe and stay on the right side of the law when it comes to health and safety regulations.

If a worker’s job entails working in a possibly hazardous environment involving heat or flame dangers, it’s the responsibility of the employer to make sure that employees are properly protected. Flame resistant clothing drastically decreases the risk of burn injuries which can save lives should an accident occur.

What Types of FR Clothing Do We Stock in Our Flame Retardant Workwear Shop?

We stock and supply high-quality flame and fire retardant clothing & workwear suitable for staff who work in industrial environments and environments with fire/welding and fabrication where burn risks are higher. Our flame retardant overalls and clothing are made from chemically enhanced cotton and flame hindering materials.


We provide flame-resistant hi vis shirts and vestspolo shirts and sweatshirtsgloves and coveralls. Our clothing is designed to last and meets all the necessary health and safety requirements.

Our range of safety clothing doesn’t stop there; we stock safety workwearhi vis clothing, thermal workwear and much more besides.

One of the most popular products in our range is the coverall (also known as a flame retardant overall or boiler suit), namely because it offers complete body protection – there are no openings for sparks and molten splash to get inside. Typically, these types of clothing offer special features, such as internal knee pad pockets, studded cuffs and neck (to stop sparks getting through) as well as covered zips (the metal in the zip can get scorching otherwise).


Fire Resistant Clothing at Fantastic Prices 

We offer outstanding value for money when it comes to our fire retardant workwear. We’ll even offer further quantity discounts if you order in bulk for your company or business. If you need even greater quantities for large contracts, then please get in touch with us for the unbeatable prices – we’re ultra-knowledgeable in exporting flame retardant clothes.

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