At Essential Safety Wear, we stock a range of respiratory masks equipment (RPE) that are suitable for work in a range of industries. If you’re looking for respiratory masks suppliers in the UK, then you’re in the right place. Businesses should use respirators, such as asbestos dust masks and chemical masks to protect health and control work-related diseases triggered by breathing in air that’s been contaminated with dangerous fogs, mists, fumes, gases, smoke, vapours, sprays and dusts.

What is Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)?

RPE is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) which is designed to protect you against breathing in harmful substances in the workplace. RPE is split into two main types:

  • Respirators (filtering devices), use filters to get rid of contaminants in the workplace air.
  • Breathing apparatus (BA), needs a supply of air from a clean source (e.g. an air cylinder or air compressor).

When Do I Need to Use Respiratory Protective Face Masks?

As stated by law, it’s imperative that employees use respirator masks when working with hazardous substances in the workplace.

However, there should be procedures in place to deal with dangerous substances first, with RPE used as a last choice – i.e. only when there’s still an inhalation exposure risk once you’ve set up other reasonable controls.

Additionally, it may be employed as extra defence when other control methods fail to succeed.

Choosing the Right Protective Face Mask Equipment

Whether you’re looking for a mask to simply provide relief from irritation of non-toxic nuisance dusts, like pollen and common household dust, or a EN149:2001 + A1:2009 approved respiratory mask, you’ll find what you are looking for at Essential Safety Wear.

Many environments require the use of respiratory masks to protect their employees. Health & safety laws state that workers should wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) in any environment where the air might be contaminated, even if it’s just short-term exposure. That’s why well-fitted, comfortable safety masks are so important, and at Essential Safety Wear, we make it easy to find a suitable mask for your needs.

Why is RPE a Last Resort for Protection?

Face mask protection can only safeguard the wearer. Control methods like automation, enclosure or extraction of harmful substances can protect everyone working in the area.

Why Use Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work?

Respiratory protective breathing masks (RPE) are used by employees in numerous different work places, primarily to protect workers from dangerous substances, like solvents, powdered chemicals and sprays as well as gases.

Respiratory Masks Types

Respiratory protection is so important if working in conditions where you could damage your respiratory system by inhaling dusts, or harmful fumes. All masks are rated with a protection factor from FFP1 – FFP2 and FFP3 these masks provide various levels of protection.

Our protective face masks come in various different types, including FFP2 Dust Mist breathing mask, which can be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the WEL or the FFP2 Dust Mist Fold Flat Respirator Mask, which safeguards from fine toxic dust, fumes and water based mists. Our FF3 Valves Dust Mist Fume Respirator Mask can be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 20 times the WEL.

  • Disposable Masks. These are a wonderful way of staying safe when working and using them as you need. The half face masks and full-face masks can be used for dust, chemical, solvent and particulate protection.
  • Dust Masks. If you need basic dust masks, we sell cheap masks individually or in bulk, and they protect against pollen, household dust, and non-toxic particles, ideal for house cleaners or anyone working in dusty environments.

We also offer dust mist respirator masks, which protect against mists and fibres, and more complex valve masks which protect against high levels of dust, water based mist, and fumes. All our masks are comfortable and adjustable, ensuring that each wearer gets the right fit to suit them.

Hazardous Substances – What Are They?

Hazardous substance is described in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations as substances hazardous to health, such as chemicals (e.g. ammonia gas, mercury, caustic soda) and products (e.g. fertilisers, paints, oils).

What’s more, hazardous substances can be produced as by-products during a work activity. For instance, wood dust, stone dust and welding fume.

Harmful substances can exist in the workplace in various physical states, including:

  • Gases – ammonia and chlorine
  • Liquids – solvents, petrol and paints
  • Solids and dusts – slate, powdered chemicals, flour, cement dust, silica and wood dust
  • Solids that produce dangerous gases with moisture – (e.g. cyanide, phosphide) or that emit vapours (e.g. phenol, metaldehyde, naphthalene, iodine)
  • Fumes – that originate from welding, soldering and burning metals
  • Fibres – asbestos, glass wool, rockwool and refractory ceramic fibres
  • Mists and sprays – battery acid mist from re-charging or from tasks such as paint spraying
  • Vapours – produced by petrol, solvents, thinners or products like paints and varnishes.

Because we offer bulk cases of respiratory masks, we make it easy to ensure all your staff have the right PPE, as well as saving you money. Essential Safety Wear are based in the UK, and always have a huge number of masks in stock, so we offer fast dispatch to your home or business address.

Respiratory Protective Equipment Examples

Our RPE doesn’t just stop here. We stock a whole gamut of equipment, including harnesses, first aid kits, head protection, eye protection, ear protection and knee protection. Using personal protective equipment is incredibly important, as it protects the wearer against any health or safety risks in the workplace.

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