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Many people assume that head protection is only for construction environments, but there are many workplaces where it should be used. Any place where there’s a risk of head injury, whether it’s a warehouse or factory, should require the use of head protection, not only for workers but visitors too. Hard hats and similar head protection isn’t just to protection from falling items, but also from knocks to the head and sharp objects.

Head Protection Definition

Designed specially to safeguard the scalp area and often the jaw line too, head protection is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE). Contrary to what you might think, the face is generally not covered by head protection and eye protection.

Noise protection or ear protection and respiratory protection are separate kinds of PPE, therefore, aren’t covered under head protection. Head protection is any equipment that protects these areas from impact trauma and burns.

So, in a nutshell, head protection equipment is designed to provide protection to the head during exposure to potential hazards, including falling objects, striking against low hanging objects, or electrical hazards.

When Do I Need to Wear the Proper Head Protection?

Head protection is a prerequisite in virtually all industries where there is a danger of being hurt by falling objects or when working in areas with limited head space. The below situations involve personal protective equipment head protection:

  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Power line maintenance
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Railway maintenance work

What Type of Head Protection PPE Is Needed?

In situations where there’s a chance of injury from hazards like falling objects, debris or electric shocks, a hard hat is compulsory for safety. Hard hats are especially constructed to include a gap between the helmet and the head of the wearer, which – in the event of an accident – diminishes the force on the head.

For those working in an environment where high impact protection isn’t required, but employees may still need some defence from knocks or scratches, our bump cap is a good option – it’s a lightweight style of a hard hat intended for lower impact contact.

PPE Types of Head Protection

Essential Safety Wear offers several different types of head protection depending on your needs. As mentioned above, if you don’t quite need a hard hat, then a good alternative is a bump cap, which looks like a baseball cap. This protects from mild bumps and scrapes, and is soft and comfortable to wear.

For more heavy-duty environments, we offer several types of safety helmet that conform to strict safety standards. These helmets have features such as adjustable chin straps, visors, ventilation holes, and adjustable headbands, ensuring each worker gets the correct fit for maximum protection. We have helmets with visors, as well as forestry helmets with full face protection, for when you’re dealing with wood chips and other debris.

PPE Head Protection Regulations

Head protection is an incredibly important matter, which is why you need to know the rules and criteria surrounding this subject:

  • Personal Protection Equipment Regulations (2002) – As stated by these regulations, employers must supply employees with complimentary essential PPE equipment, in addition to making sure it’s story correctly, maintained and fit for purpose. Employees must also be taught how to use equipment such as hard hats appropriately to guarantee they’re used as effeciently as possible.
  • EN 397 – This is a European standard which stipulates the conditions which need to be met for safety hats to be recognised as fit for purpose.

When you buy from Essential Safety Wear, you can rest assured that all safety hats and bump caps are CE approved and meet the standards required.

The Construction Head Protection Regulations 1989 came into force on 30th March 1990.

A full copy of the Regulations can be printed and/or downloaded from:

At Essential Safety Wear, we stock only the highest quality head protection and PPE, ready to quickly dispatch to your home or work address. Whether you want to buy single items of PPE for yourself, or a bulk order for the entire company, we offer excellent prices. We stock different types of PPE, such as respiratory masks, harnesses, eye protection, ear protection and knee protection.

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