Essential Safety Wear offers a range of faceshields as part of our safety wear range. These are often required wear in a range of work industries, including construction, engineering and factory work. Face shields provide an extra level of defence from high-mass and high-velocity impact hazards. However, we advise you wear safety eyewear underneath your face shield.

When Should Safety Face Shield Visors Be Worn?

When working in a potentially hazardous industry, you may be required to wear a faceshield to protect your whole face. Activities like welding and glass shaping, for example, where your face can be exposed to sparks and high heat levels, may require you to wear full face protection, rather than simply eye protection provided by safety spectacles and safety goggles.

The safety face masks from Essential Safety Wear will cover your whole face from loose pieces of material, flying objects and other potential hazards that you may be exposed to in the workplace.

What is the Use of Face Shields?

Whether you need a face shield for grinding protection, for an angle grinder or protective face masks for fumes, these devices are ideal, as they’re designed to safeguard a wearer’s entire face (or part of it) from impact hazards like road debris, chemical splashes (in industry), flying objects as well as infectious fluid (in medical).

Why Should You Wear Protective Face Masks?

For the highest impact protection, face shields protect the whole face from chipping, spraying, grinding and dangerous chemicals or bloodborne hazards. Bear in mind that you must wear primary eye protection – in the form of safety goggles or safety spectacles – whenever you safety visor face shields, as they provide secondary protection only.

So, ensure you wear safety goggles or glasses underneath your mask to provide protection when the shield is lifted. Wearing primary protection can stop particles getting under the shield and from lodging in the eyes.

Reasons to Wear Protective Face Masks

Some of the top reasons to wear face masks include:

Flying fragments. The likes of dust and other materials can fly into your eyes, especially when using angle grinders, chainsaws or similar power tools.

Splash dangers. Use face shields when handling corrosives, acids, stripped, chemical adherents and/or with body fluids. Standard safety eyewear doesn’t offer the right amount of liquid splash protection for these kinds of dangers.

Intense heat. If you’re handling any molten substance, performing furnace maintenance or performing a welding job, wearing a protective mask is a prerequisite.

What Types of Safety Visor Face Shields Are There?

Our health and safety face masks range in price and adhere to various standards. Therefore, you’ll find a faceshield to suit your particular requirements at Essential Safety Wear.

Our range of faceshields includes the Browguard with Clear Visor, the Face Shield Plus and the Ultra Vista Shield.

The Browguard with Clear Visor is EN166 3B and EN166 1B compliant, and also features a polycarbonate visor. Because the visor is made from impact-resistant polypropylene, it offers excellent full-face protection.

Suitable for working with chemicals, the Face Shield Plus protects against chemical splash, molten metal and hot solids, and offers superior front and side face protection. What’s more, the safety face shield is EN166 9 1B compliant.

A little cheaper in price, but not at all lacking in quality, the Ultra Vista Shield needs to be worn with safety goggles to offer any protection. The shield is EN166 1 B 3 4 compliant and should be compatible with most safety goggles.

Further Information

Our faceshields are sold individually or in a carton, and prices depend on the amount you purchase. We offer fabulous value and excellent discount on our bulk orders. What’s more, we offer free delivery on orders over £250.

Browse our range of faceshields below to ensure that you protect your full face when working in a potentially hazardous or harmful environment.

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