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Essential Safety Wear is a PPE supplier and safety clothing and equipment specialist in the UK, who have been providing protective equipment for over 10 years.

Here at Essential Safety Wear, we stock and supply a wide range of HSE compliant P.P.E equipment, clothing and workwear designed to protect you whilst in the workplace or in a hazardous environment.

PW97 Climbing Helmet

What Is PPE Personal Protective Equipment?

The expression personal protective equipment, often referred to as PPE, alludes to a considerable collection of items designed to protect employees from workplace dangers.

PPE clothing is used in situations in cases where all risks haven’t been designed out of process. Before PPE is selected and work begins, a risk assessment should always be performed.

Personal Protective Equipment is described in the Regulations as ‘all equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects him against one or more risks to his health or safety’, such as eye protection, gloves, safety helmets, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses.

We’re sure you’ll find the right PPE equipment for your team – take a look at our products below.

What Types of PPE Workwear Do You Stock?

From vented safety hats to safety eye screens, from ear protectors to dust masks, whatever your PPE equipment requirement maybe, we can help. It’s important for health and safety reasons to remain compliant, some workplaces will require PPE equipment/supplies before being allowed to enter/work. We offer competitively priced workwear with fast UK mainland delivery.

Importance of PPE Personal Protective Equipment

Part of making the workplace safe involves kitting out employees with procedures, instructions, training and regulations to nurture safe and responsible working. PPE promotes a safe working environment, so it’s always going to be a vital part of running a thriving and trustworthy business.

Even once you’ve evaluated your risks and implemented all the safety systems, a few dangers will still stand. These dangers can include harm to the head, feet, lungs, eyes, skin and body – which is why PPE clothing is so important.

Some possible hazards include injuries to:

  • The lungs, e.g. from breathing in contaminated air
  • The head and feet, e.g. from falling materials
  • The eyes, e.g. from flying particles or splashes of corrosive liquids
  • The skin, e.g. from contact with corrosive materials
  • The body, e.g. from extremes of heat or cold
  • PPE is needed in these cases to reduce the risk.

Personal Protecting Equipment should only be utilised as a last resort once other controls and systems have been set up.

Who is Responsible for PPE Workwear?

The employer is responsible for ensuring employees have and wear the right PPE; it’s against the rules to request money from an employee for their PPE.

That said, employees must also be responsible for their own safety and wear the appropriate PPE in line with the guidelines they’re given. Employees must make sure it’s given back to the correct place and they shouldn’t carry out upkeep to apparatus unless they’ve been properly trained and are permitted to do so.

Rail workers coordinating cargo loading to transport train on the tracks. Railway employees in safety west and helmet talking about instructions.

Should an employee decline to wear any PPE, they’re putting themselves at risk, not to mention breaking rules, as they’re legally obliged to wear the PPE to stay safe.

If you’re in doubt about anything regarding PPE, e.g. what you should be wearing, your responsibilities or refusal to wear, you can get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide you with any advice that we can. Give us a call on 01462 675200 and we’ll assist you with any questions you have, whether it’s about PPE or anything else health and safety related.

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