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How much are Doc Martens and why buy them?

  Essential Safety Wear   Nov 09, 2017   Blog   0 Comment

Most people are well aware of the fact that Doc Martens are a highly recognized and high-quality brand that are worn for practical reasons, however, are also an icon of high-street fashion.

Because of their popularity, many people think that Doc Martins are an expensive choice of footwear.

That said, here at Essential Safety Wear, we sell various Dr Martens at great value prices.

Why buy Dr Martens?

Here are just a few reasons why you may choose to purchase Dr Martens:

  • Marked for quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable
  • Well-established and offer excellent customer service

Browse some of the Dr Martens we sell at Essential Safety Wear below:

Dr Marten Benham ST Hiker Safety Boot (Was £57.99 Now £51.99)

The Dr M6917-Benham-ST-500x500artens Benham ST Hiker Safety Boot S1P are EN ISO 20345 compliant and feature a 200J impact-resistant steel toecap. What’s more, they feature an industrial Synthetic Nubuck/Mesh and SRC Slip resistance.

Offering such a range of safety features, they are also heat-resistant to 300 degrees, feature an anti-static sole and offer midsole protection.


Dr Marten Corvid Black Safety Boot (£75.95)


The Dr Marten Corvid Black Safety Boot is a sophisticated-looking shoe that is EN ISO 20345 compliant.

What’s more, the boots feature a 200J impact-resistant composite toecap & midsole as well as antistatic properties and SRC slip resistance.

One of the great qualities about these shoes is the fact that they look extremely smart and elegant, yet offer strong safety qualities that are suitable for even the toughest of work environments.



Dr Marten Teak Tred Hiker Boot SB (Was £74.25 Now £62.69)

The Dr Martens Tred Hiker Boot SB are a unique shoe that have a brown leather upper. The shoes are EN ISO 20345 compliant and heat resistant to 300 degrees.

On offer for an even lower price at Essential Safety Wear, don’t miss out on these fantastic safety boots.

Dr Martens Calamus Oxblood Safety Boot S1P (£66.95)

Part of the evo-lite range, the Dr Martens Calamus Oxblood Safety Boot offer EN ISO 20345 compliancy and feature a metal-free 200J impact resistant composite toecap and midsole.

One of the lightest Dr Marten safety boots around, the shoes offer lightweight comfort that offers excellent protection for your feet.

More Dr Marten Safety Boots from Essential Safety Wear

We’re proud of our extensive range of Dr Marten Safety boots 6905and shoes here at Essential Safety Wear.

If you’re looking for high-quality Dr Martens for a great value price, you’ve come to the right place!


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