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How to use PPE correctly

  Essential Safety Wear   Apr 09, 2018   Blog   0 Comment

Here at Essential Safety Wear we sell a range of safety clothing and PPE, from respiratory protection, to knee, hand, eye and ear protection, whatever type of PPE you are looking for, you’ll find it in our online range of safety clothing and protective equipment.

Want to know the best part?

While it is important to purchase good quality PPE, such as the products we sell at Essential Safety Wear, it is also imperative that the PPE is used correctly in order for the products to offer maximum protection.

If you are not familiar with all types of PPE, perhaps only using one or two items, you might be wondering how to use PPE correctly.

Therefore, Essential Safety Wear have put together the following guide to how to use PPE correctly.

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The first point is simple: Make sure you purchase the correct size PPE

First and foremost, when you first come to buy your PPE, you must ensure that you purchase the PPE in your correct size so that it fits you correctly.

When buying helmets, for example, you do not want to be wearing a loose fitting one that may cause you a fatal injury during an accident. If in any doubt, have your PPE checked over by an expert or your employer before wearing it in the workplace.


Make sure the PPE is suitable for your workplace and task in hand right now

You might be wondering which type of PPE you need for your workplace, in which case, you should discuss it with your employer.

If you work for a company, your employer should be able to advise you on the type of PPE you will need for your role. Before you start work, you should be informed of any safety equipment you will need and would generally be obliged to provide you with the PPE themselves.


It gets slightly more technical…

Ensure the product is classified to the required standards

Heres the deal: PPE is labelled when it has been classified to industry standards, your workplace should advise you on the standards that your PPE should adhere to.

If you run you own business, you should contact the HSE in order to complete a risk assessment and help guide you on the PPE you will need for yourself and your employers.

Don’t forget: PPE is not as effective if you are not wearing it correctly.











Follow the manufacturer’s guide to maintaining the product

Once you have purchased your correct, well-fitting PPE and have started wearing it in the workplace, it is essential that you maintain your PPE in the manner instructed by the manufacturer.

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I bet you’re wondering whether your PPE will be easy to maintain.

Most PPE is developed with easy-care in mind, although, you’ll need to see if the product is suitable for washing in the washing machine, for example, and at what temperature.

Other examples of maintenance guidelines include making sure your helmet isn’t dropped on the floor or kept in a place where it is at risk of falling. You may also want to check if protective gloves are suitable for washing with washing powder.

If you are not maintaining your PPE as per the guidelines, you should change the way you are looking after it, fast. 


Wear the PPE as instructed

Now: Your PPE should come with instructions on how to wear/use it. You should wear the PPE as instructed by the manufacturer for optimal protection.


It gets better.

Essential Safety Wear sells various types of PPE that come with clear instructions on how to wear it and also the best methods to maintain it.


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