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What kind of PPE does an electrician need?

  Electricians work in a range of environments and can be exposed to various dangers on a daily basis. Let’s first establish what electricians do, what hazards they may face and the kind of PPE they require to protect themselves against industry hazards.  What does an electrician do? The main role of an electrician is […]

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Do safety glasses affect your vision?

While safety glasses are essential to protect your eyes against dust and debris in the air and can, indeed, save your eyes from serious damage. There has been ongoing speculation as to whether safety glasses can have a negative affect on your vision. This concern essentially stems from the affects on looking through a plastic […]

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What does COSHH stand for?

COSHH: What does it stand for? There are so many acronyms used in the health and safety industry that, sometimes, it may feel easier just to turn a blind eye to them all. What’s even worse is often it seems like these health and safety terms have nothing to do with what you do or […]

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How to use PPE correctly

Here at Essential Safety Wear we sell a range of safety clothing and PPE, from respiratory protection, to knee, hand, eye and ear protection, whatever type of PPE you are looking for, you’ll find it in our online range of safety clothing and protective equipment. Want to know the best part? While it is important […]

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Some common questions about PPE

Personal protective equipment is a highly important feature of workers’ attire, particularly in those jobs that can put you in a hazardous environment and your safety at risk. After all, although work spaces are controlled spaces, there are still risks associated with working in such locations. PPE comes in all shapes and sizes (quite literally!) […]

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