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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Act was set up in 1974 to protect people from death and serious injury. The employer now has a duty to protect their employees from potential hazards at work. This is achieved by ensuring all employees are equipped with PPE to carry out their duties safety.

Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) need to verify that they are offering compliant products for sale. Essential Safety Wear Ltd offers an in-depth product range that conforms to the appropriate British and European legislation requirements as detailed below:

  • Safety Footwear: All products in this section conform to EN345-347 to avoid hazards within the workplace such as (a)Crushing caused by heavy objects falling onto part or all of the foot. (b)Foot penetration due to standing or walking onto sharp objects. (c)Contact with irritants or corrosive chemicals
  • Safety Work Wear: A conforming product must be labelled, labelled accurately and securely attached, remaining visible for the entire life of the product. All high visibility clothing must be CE marked and conform to EN471 certification
  • Flame Retardant Work wear: Products conform to EN531 to ensure the protection of workers exposed to heat and limited flame.
  • Hand Protection: All products conform to EN388 and ensure the protection of hands from abrasions and cuts.
  • Respiratory: All products conform to EN149. See following table for guidance.
FFP1 Protection against solid particulates of no toxic material
FFP2(S) Protection against solid particulates of fine toxic dust, fumes and water based mists.
FFP2(SL) Protection against solid particulates of fine toxic dust, fumes, Water based and non-water based mists.
FFP3(S) Protection against Dust, water based mists and fumes.
FFP3(SL) Protection against all dust, mists and fumes.
  • Eye Protection: Conforms to EN166 to ensure protection from flying debris and sharp objects.
  • Ear Protection: If the daily noise exposure is over 85db(A) the wearing of ear defenders should be made compulsory. All products conform to EN352.
  • Head Protection: All products must conform to EN397 however how these are treated will effect the strength and performance of the product. Safety hard hats must be stored away from direct sunlight and those that are subjected to a hard shock must be replaced immediately.

The employer / customer will be wholly responsible for checking that such products are entirely suitable for the use and application.

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