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Composite toe or steel toe work boots – what is the difference and which one is better?

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It seems that more and more frequently nowadays composite toe work boots are replacing steel-capped boot options for heavy duty footwear. However, there are undoubtedly advantages associated with both types of shoe.


The main similarity between them is, of course, that they’re both durable boots with reinforced toes that offer foot protection in the workplace. The main difference? The material used to reinforce the toes.

brown steel toe work boots

Why opt for either composite or steel toe work boots?

Protective shoes are essential in a number of work environments. It is necessary to buy them for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Protect your feet! Seems awfully simple but safety shoes prevent your feet from impact and crushing (depending on resistance qualities, of course). The fact that you can prevent injuries by wearing protective footwear just proves its importance.  
  • Abide by the law! Many working environments require workers to wear these boots for health and safety reasons.
  • Be more productive at work. Wearing the right gear can make sure you are more productive. You won’t be fearful of something falling on your feet as much as if you were wearing sports trainers, for example…


Composite vs Steel Toe Work Boots

What are composite safety shoes?

Composite safety shoes are a more modern concept than steel toe boots. Instead of featuring metal in the shoe for protection, they feature composite materials.

This is essentially two materials combined together, each made of different chemical and physical properties.

Some of these materials include Kevlar, carbon fibre, plastic or fibreglass.

Advantages of composite safety shoes

Often composite boots do not feature any metal and are therefore ideal for those working with electricity. Electricians? You should 100% opt for a composite boot. They are also perfect for those who need to pass through metal detectors for their work. Additionally, they tend to be much more lightweight and comfortable than steel toe-capped boots.

Composite safety boots are also the preference when working outdoors. Metal is a strong conductor of heat. Therefore, in cold environments, feet can get cold and when it’s warm, they often get too hot when wearing steel toe boots. Composite shoes won’t be good conductors so can be more comfortable when working outside.

Steel toe capped boots

Steel toe boots are tried and tested. What’s more, they are totally hardcore.

A steel-capped boot can withstand slightly more force than a composite shoe and is, as a result, even better in its role to protect against punctures.

While it is very unlikely composite shoes with be unable to withstand the pressure in most working environments, steel boots offer that increased level of resistance.

As they are a classic item of safety wear, they’re often favoured by employers to recommend to their employees.

Even better, they tend to be cheaper than composite boot options.

Safety Boots from Essential Safety Wear

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