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What does COSHH stand for?

COSHH: What does it stand for? There are so many acronyms used in the health and safety industry that, sometimes, it may feel easier just to turn a blind eye to them all. What’s even worse is often it seems like these health and safety terms have nothing to do with what you do or […]

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How to use PPE correctly

Here at Essential Safety Wear we sell a range of safety clothing and PPE, from respiratory protection, to knee, hand, eye and ear protection, whatever type of PPE you are looking for, you’ll find it in our online range of safety clothing and protective equipment. Want to know the best part? While it is important […]

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How much are Doc Martens and why buy them?

Most people are well aware of the fact that Doc Martens are a highly recognized and high-quality brand that are worn for practical reasons, however, are also an icon of high-street fashion. Because of their popularity, many people think that Doc Martins are an expensive choice of footwear. That said, here at Essential Safety Wear, […]

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Why is Personal Protective Equipment Important for Employee Safety?

The safety of your employees should be top of the priorities list, in bold and underlined. It’s the responsibility of the employer to issue and sustain adequate health and safety measures to protect all workers from discomfort, injury and fatal accidents (it’s the law!). For a number of workers, there is an imminent danger of […]

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Happy New Year from Essential Safety Wear!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Essential Safety Wear! We hope you have had an excellent start to 2017 and also enjoyed the festive celebrations of 2016. And, as we head further into January, you’ll probably looking for ways to keep warm. After all, its colder, darker and there are far less sparkling Christmas […]

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