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A Guide to the Rigger Gloves from Essential Safety Wear

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A rigger is a person whose work revolves around lifting and moving large, heavy objects. Historically, the term “rigger” referred to the person who worked with rigging on a sailing boat (the ropes that hoisted the sails).

Ultimately, rigger gloves are associated with strenuous, heavy-duty work and provide the necessary protection for your hands against a wide range of different working industries like construction and agriculture, as well as activities like gardening.

Canadian Rigger Gloves

Canadian rigger gloves feature a leather palm and, very often, a fabric back.

The leather used for the Canadian rigger gloves from Essential Safety Wear is cow split leather and offers patch palm and vein protection.

Split leather is not as tough as hide leather but is cheaper. Split leather is basically when the hide has been split for another purpose and the layer left underneath has been used for the gloves. In addition, split leather is usually tanned or treated before use. Suede is an example of split leather.

The Canadian rigger gloves from Essential Safety Wear have a stripy cotton backing for added comfort and ventilation, as well as allowing more bend in the hand. They are available in one size and cost £0.95 a pair or £125.00 for a carton for 144.

Double Palm Rigger Gloves

Double Palm Rigger Gloves are similar to Canadian rigger gloves but have double thickness leather on the palm.

The double palm rigger gloves from Essential Safety Wear are made of cow split leather and feature additional reinforced protection to palm and forefinger areas. They also come in one size and are suitable for construction and agricultural industries, as well as landscaping and forestry. They are sold in pairs at £1.32 or cartons of 84 at £104.99.

Hi Visibility Rigger Gloves

Hi visibility rigger gloves particularly suit roadside and utilities employees, and are ultimately Canadian rigger gloves with added visual protection.

The high visibility rigger gloves from Essential Safety Wear are slightly different to our Canadian rigger gloves in that they are made from premium quality full-grain cow leather.

Full-grain leather has not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections and is, as a result, more durable and has a prolonged life.

The gloves are sold in single pairs for £3.46 or carton of 96 for £325.00 and their high visibility liner and reflective tape conform to EN471 standard. The gloves are labelled EN420 and EN388.

EN471, EN420 and EN388 Explained


EN471 refers to the legislation and standards of hi-visibility clothing. According to on 17th June 2015, EN471: 2003 is the updated and revised EN471 standard which has been official since April 2004.


According to Guide-The Right Glove on 17th June 2015, the EN420 standard outlines the general requirements for protective gloves. The EN420 considers things like how they are made, whether they are fit for purpose and how safe they are.

EN420 standard gloves should not impose a risk or cause injury and should have specific details included about substances in the glove that are known to cause allergies. The size of the glove should refer to an agreed common European hand size, for example, the glove should not be made smaller than the minimum length of the common European hand size.

In addition, the pH of the gloves should be as close to neutral and leather gloves should have a pH value between 3.5-9.5.

Finally, the highest permitted value for chromium is 3 mg/kg (chrome VI) in EN420 gloves. For those that are unsure, chromium is a chemical element and a hard, brittle metal with a high melting point.


According to the EN388 standard, published on Guide-The Right Glove and referred to on 17th June 2015, EN388 standard gloves are marked on a scale of 1 to 4 based on their resistance to abrasion, blade cut resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance, where the higher the number, the better the glove. In addition, the EN388 standard indicates whether the glove has passed or failed a volume resistivity test. A glove that has passed this test can reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge.

This link will take you to Guide- The Right Glove and the EN388 standard so you can have a look at the table used to indicate performance:

Premium Chrome Rigger Gloves

The premium chrome rigger glove from Essential Safety Wear is, like the hi-visibility rigger glove, approved to EN420 and EN388 standard. It is made from premium quality split leather and features a red cotton drill back for comfort, as well as knuckle protection. An integral vein patch and rubberised safety cuff offer added protection.

The premium chrome rigger gloves are sold in one size, either in Pairs for £1.32 or a carton of 96 for £119.99.

For more information on rigger gloves, contact Essential Safety Wear on 01462 675200.

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