Having a clean, clear workplace is not only essential to keep people happy, but also helps you to avoid accidents such as trips and falls. Therefore, if there are any spills or messes created, it’s important that employees can quickly find a cleaning tools so they can clear the area, ready to work safely. That’s why Essential Safety Wear stock housekeeping boards, an easy way to display cleaning equipment.

Housekeeping boards are made in eye-catching blue, red, yellow or green, making them easy to spot in environments such as the factory floor, and helping you colour code to avoid cross contamination. They have space for a large and medium broom, as well as a dustpan and brush, making them ideal for cleaning up all sorts of mess. When a tool is removed, there’s a white outline, so it’s easy to spot when an item has gone missing.

You can order a housekeeping board with or without the tools, and your board will include a printed company logo for a neat, professional finish. These boards make it so much easier to keep all your cleaning tools together, and mean employees aren’t rushing around trying to find the right equipment when it’s needed.

Based in the UK, Essential Safety Wear offers a wide range of safety clothing, PPE, and many other items related to health and safety, making it easy to keep your employees safe.

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