The workplace or office is a place where productivity is required and having a welcoming, pleasing work area undoubtedly adds to a positive environment. Employees can do their part as well as regular cleaning, staff housekeeping and custodian maintenance to keep it tidy, secure, and hygienic for all.

All employers have a duty to frequently check the workplace needs so that employees and visiting members of the public are appropriately protected against accidents and illnesses.


In need of some workplace essentials? You’ve come to the right place. Essential Safety Wear stocks a variety of useful tools for the workplace, including first aid kits and house keeping boards. Check out our PPE Personal Protective Equipment to find out more about HSE compliant equipment you may need in the workplace.

First Aid Kits

Our First Aid Board is a must-have piece of PPE equipment, enabling you to deal with a vast range of workplace accidents and emergencies – from simple first aid through to eye care, biohazard disposal and burns treatment.

Our unique board can be tailored to suit your needs – choose to include your company logo as well as corporate colours and more. The practical 10ml foam board can be secured to most working areas and when the first aid kits are removed from the board, it leaves a ‘shadow’ informing of missing kit. It’s a truly hygienic and adaptable solution for dealing with a range of workplace risks and healthcare needs.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of work tools, including a 20-person first aid kit, eye wash stations, burns kit as well as fixings and brackets.

First aid station (first aid,eyewash,burns kit

House Keeping Boards

The importance of maintaining your workplace is essential for preventing the spread of germs, abolishing workplace dangers, and fostering tidiness and organisation. Spotless workplaces inspire productivity and create a constructive working atmosphere. Encourage employees to do their part with this handy House Keeping Board – it’ll no doubt enforce workplace etiquette.

Even better, your company logo can be incorporated into the house keeping board and can be fixed to most walls. Designed to keep the cleaning kit together, this house keeping board is constructed from a 10ml foam board, with tools including two hygienic stiff broom heads and one hand brush with a hygienic dustpan.

When tools are removed from the board, it leaves a ‘shadow’ which tells you this particular item is missing.

We also supply a variety of PPE clothing, including respiratory masks, harnesses, first aid, head protection and much more.

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