PU Dipped Safety Work Gloves

Browse our range of PU dipped safety work  gloves. They are the ultimate in dexterity and breathability. Our safety gloves range includes cut resistant, fingertip only and our palm glove is offered in an array of colours including bright blue and pink! All our products are of a high standard and competitively priced. Extra saving can be made by buying by the case.

PU is an excellent choice of material for work gloves. Not only is it tough, it offers plenty of movement, so you don’t lose dexterity. We offer a wide range of PU dipped gloves in different styles and colours, and you can buy either individual pairs or bulk cartons. This makes it easy to ensure all your staff have the right gloves to do the job.

PU dipped gloves are ideal for any sort of job where you’re handling potentially sharp objects such as tools or waste. We offer palm gloves, which have a tough PU palm, and a lighter, breathable material on the back of the hand, or fingertip gloves where just the ends of the fingers have been dipped in PU. The latter is ideal for environments where you are dealing with small, precise jobs, such as microelectronics and assembly lines.

All of our safety gloves have been carefully designed to ensure maximum protection, without sacrificing comfort and practicality. We stock only the highest quality PU dipped gloves, and offer affordable prices, especially when you buy cartons or cases of gloves.

Our UK based warehouse always carries a large stock of gloves, waiting to be dispatched, so we offer fast delivery across the UK. We can also ship to international customers, just get in touch for delivery costs.

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