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Premium Composite Work Boots for Sale from Essential Safety Wear

Our composite boots are made from high-quality composite materials and don’t feature any metal surfaces. Some are SRC slip resistant whilst others are SRA or SRB as well as heat resistant and EN ISO compliant. Most of the safety trainer and boots are penetration resistant.

At Essential Safety Wear, we stock a wide range of composite work boots made without metal surfaces. Metal toe caps can be uncomfortable for staff working outdoors, as they warm up in the summer and feel cold in the winter. They can also conduct electricity, so aren’t safe in all environments. Many manufacturers are now using composite materials in their safety boots to make them more comfortable to wear.


What Are Composite Work Boots?

Seeking a lighter or non-metallic footwear option? Looking for cheap Caterpillar composite boots online? Our men’s composite toe boots are a terrific alternative to steel toe work boots. Thanks to the lighter, non-metallic composite toe and extra non-metallic boot features, you’ll be able to walk right past workplace metal detectors. Certain occupations might necessitate you having to pass through metal detectors – which is where composite toe boots with non-metal hardware would be perfect.

Composite safety footwear is a fantastic choice if you work in a non-metal environment. The composite toe caps and midsole are equally as efficient as steel and enable you to wear them in airports with no trouble whatsoever. Our range contains several styles, providing an excellent choice.

These types of footwear are rapidly replacing steel toe boots as the industry standard. A composite safety toe is crafted from non-metal materials such as Kevlar, carbon fibre, plastic, or fibreglass.

What Are the Features of Comp Toe Work Boots?

The high-quality materials used in our composite boots are lightweight and easy to wear, and this footwear still meets the rigorous requirements of ISO 20345. With features such as slip resistance and antistatic properties, our safety footwear can be worn in a wide variety of work environments.

Our UK based warehouse stocks popular safety footwear brands such as JCB and Timberland, as well as budget options, all of which have metal-free, composite footwear in their range. A lot of the footwear in our range is also penetration resistant.


We also offer composite safety trainers, which are light and comfortable to wear, and composite safety shoes that look smart and professional. These products still conform to strict safety standards, but offer different options for a variety of work environments.

Why Buy Composite Footwear?

Given that composite toe caps don’t contain metal, comp toe footwear is a lot more comfortable when working outside, particularly in harsh weather conditions. Steel toe boots, unlike composites, conduct heat, meaning your feet will feel cooler in cold climates and hotter in warmer climates. Composites are a worthwhile investment, preferable for outdoor work.

What’s more, plastics don’t conduct electricity, meaning they offer notably better electrical resistance than steel toe boots, for example. If you’re an electrician or work in a job that entails working around live wires, these types of boots offer enhanced comfort and efficiency.

Better yet, composite toes are lightweight, meaning the overall boot weight is reduced so you’ll use less energy when walking – the boots will feel a whole lot more comfortable if you’re wearing them for extended amounts of time. Composite toecaps and midsoles also have the benefit of being far lighter than steel which means the overall boot weight is reduced, increasing your comfort if you wear safety boots all day long.

If you need safety footwear in a hurry, then we offer fast dispatch and can post to locations across the UK and the rest of the world.

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