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Hi-vis clothing is simple yet almost undoubtedly one of the most essential part of anyone’s PPE. It keeps you illuminated to make sure you’re more noticeable to all. This will alert people of your presence, and allow them to act faster in the event of a potentially dangerous situation.

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If you’re wondering where to buy first-class high visibility vests, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our range of high vis vests and high visibility leisurewear. Within our hi viz range, we have waistcoat and long-sleeved style plus fire retardant in waistcoat and long-sleeved style as well as a fall arrest vest. Our products meet very high standards and are competitively priced.

Why Buy High Vis Vests?

Hi vis vests or waistcoats are an effortless way to ensure that your employees can be easily seen. Made with hard-wearing materials such as polyester, these vests simply slip on over your employees own clothes or their work uniform, improving their visibility in potentially hazardous areas.

Hi vis vests and waistcoats are often used in areas such as factories and warehouses where you might not need full Hi Vis safety wear, but want something that’ll help people stand out. We offer Hi Vis vests in yellow or orange, and our products meet the safety requirements of ISO 20471.

Who Wears High-Visibility Vests?

Commonly, individuals who wear high visibility vests are those whose safety entails being seen clearly when light is poor or during harsh weather conditions, or when working in industrial or highly mechanised environments.

Numerous workers wear vests, including:

  • Parking service attendants
  • Pedestrians
  • Emergency services
  • Roadside workers
  • Motorway maintenance
  • Utility repairs
  • Dustbin collectors
  • Horse-riders
  • Hikers
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Workers in warehouses with equipment traffic
  • Shopping trolley retrievers
  • Path maintenance workers
  • Delivery vehicle drivers
  • Visitors
  • Fire Marshalls
  • Surveyors
  • First aiders

By wearing a hi vis vest, the visibility of such exposed road users is massively improved, and therefore the chances of being unnoticed and hit by drivers, who can now notice the cyclist from a greater distance away, is radically reduced.

The Importance of Wearing Safety Vests

If you work in an outdoors environment, such as near a motorway, it’s vital to wear the right certificated high visibility safety vest. Increased visibility is essential not just in this kind of situation, but other applications, such as construction, security, warehousing, car parks, and much more.

If you’re working on public roadways, you’ll be exposed to moving vehicles like cars, trucks, lorries or vans. Add the risk of irresponsible drivers into the mix, and that’s a recipe for a potentially hazardous working environment.

Hi Visibility Vests

Just How Important?

It can get dangerous for these kinds of road workers. High visibility vests protect workers, especially as most road works are done at night so as to cause minimal disruption to traffic flow. Due to this, night time conditions will add an element of risk that could result in injury – and in some cases death – for the road workers.

This heightened risk normally comes in the form of inadequate visibility. As a result, workers are at risk of being hit by moving vehicles purely because the night time visibility isn’t ideal.

Bulk Hi Visibility Vests

If you need Hi Vis vests for a large number of staff, then our economic packs of up to 100 vests make it cheaper. You can provide an extra level of safety and visibility for your employees for just a couple of pounds per person.

Hi Viz vests are great for areas where you have a lot of visitors, for example clients or a management team. While you might not need to kit them out in full safety wear, providing a simple Hi Vis vest will ensure that they can be easily spotted.

Types of Hi Vis Workwear Vests

We offer both sleeveless and long sleeved vests, including certain products that are flame retardant. Essential Safety Wear stock only the highest quality products, and our UK based warehouse always has plenty of sizes and colours in stock, so they can be delivered to your home or work as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the most common hi vi vests you’ll see:

  • Warehouse safety vests
  • First aid hi vis vests
  • Fire marshal hi vis vests
  • Fire resistant safety vests (a.k.a. fire retardant hi vis vests)
  • High vis vests for cycling
  • Orange high vis vests
  • Hi vis long sleeve vests
  • High visibility motorcycle vests
  • Surveyor safety vests
  • Hi vis visitor vest


Hi Viz Vest Regulations

To boost safety for road workers or other outdoors workers, nearly all safety departments make it compulsory for the outdoor workers to wear high visibility long sleeve hi vis vests, which are a sure-fire way to help workers avoid injuries from moving vehicles, for example.

Here in the UK, Health and Safety regulations affirm that anyone working in a poorly-lit environment, or where there is a risk that the worker might not be easily seen, high-visibility clothing, which may include jackets and trousers as well as sweatshirts and hoodies, must be worn.

Cheap High Vis Vests

Whether you need a high visibility vest for work or travelling to work, don’t miss our range of yellow or orange hi-visibility waistcoats. You may want to pair your vest with a pair of hi vis trousers or some of our safety footwear, which is suitable for all environments – from hospitals to warehouses, factories, industrial environments and more all at fantastic prices with fast UK delivery.

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