Men & Women’s Safety Shoes

Essential Safety Wear offers a range of branded and unbranded men and women’s safety shoes. If you’re looking to buy cheap safety shoes that are good quality and suitable for all general & health and safety environments, then look no further.

Browse our range below, we have everything from dual density work safety shoes to Dr Martens safety shoes UK. We stock you’re looking for comfy work shoes for men or women at a great price then browse our range below, or call us on 01462 675 200.

Why Buy Job Safety Shoes?

If you’re working in an environment where you need safety footwear, but you still want to look smart and professional, then safety shoes are a good alternative to boots. They’re often favoured by site managers who might need to go between the office and industrial areas, and could easily be worn with a suit or business clothing.

Protect the Feet in Style

Various types of footwear protect users from falling objects and accidents. Using brogue safety shoes, such as Caterpillar or Doc Martens safety shoes, help safeguard against foot injuries.

Avoid Lawsuits

Ensuring all employees are kitted out with proper leather safety shoes can also be a huge advantage to the employer. The necessities, as defined in the UK’s safety regulations, should be adhered to at all times to avoid preventable catastrophes.

What Are Safety Shoes for Men and Women Made from?

Usually made with dark leather uppers, our men’s and ladies’ safety shoes – including, Timberland safety shoes, Deltaplus safety shoes and more – have a classic look, and are different to the usual heavy work boots. Our range of safety shoes for women and men meet the strict standards of ISO 20345, while still looking smart enough to wear to a meeting. With steel or composite toe caps and slip resistant soles, they have lots of hidden safety features.

Composite Safety Shoes in a Range of Styles

If you’re on your feet a lot, then you can choose safety shoes with air cushioned soles, and we also stock electric safety shoes to wear in environments where there is a risk of electrocution. You can choose classic lace-up shoes, or styles such as brogues for a smart look.

Essential Safety Wear stock a wide range of safety shoes suitable for both men and women, from high quality brands such as Dr. Martens and Caterpillar. Every item that we dispatch from our UK warehouse comes with a guarantee, and we offer fast delivery to your home or workplace.

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